religion Test unit 1

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Section 1

Question Answer
christianity is a form of mononism
agnosticis when u are not sure
golden rulea moral philosphy
hedonismto bring pleasure
we do not believe thatthere was life 60 billion years ago
adorationis to love god
meditationform of inward prayer associated with mystics
humanism providessecular thinking and morality
petitionasking god for help

Section 2

Question Answer
there are 3000christian religions (protestant)
anglicans areprotestant (churches broke off from catholic teachings, protesting catholic church
we have a contextualapproach the the bible
we read the biblemore literally
we believe inevolution
catholics are christian - different understanding
every christian religion does nothave a pope

Section 3

Question Answer
left wing wants bigger gov to protect poor
left wings do not have unions
left wing has a what approach to the biblecontextual approach
left wing people are peacekeepers
right wing people have a gov which issmall
right wing people are not tolerantof cultures
right wing are notare not enviromentalists
right wing has a what approach to the bibleliteral approach to the bible

Section 4

Question Answer
sacred meansspecial or holy
coincidenceodd series of events
mysterytruth beyond current understandinh
biotific visionseeing reality/god
theologystudy of religion
moralismpromoting multiple cultures
methathisisstudy beyond physical world
enlightenmentbecoming aware
purgatorycatholic concept struggling to recieve salvation
religioncommunitys desire to answer complex questions
philosopherdeveloping themes
parablestory told by god
paradiemway of viewing the world

Section 5

Question Answer
adam and eveintro to nature of sin, need for salvation
noahs arkgod loves us, not allow anger to destroy
abraham and issacconcept of sacificing valuable things
creation storygods love and desire for unity and productivity
moses and the exodusgod frees us from slavery

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