Religion Test (Acts of the Apostles)

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Section 1

Question Answer
What is sanctifying grace?Grace received from the sacraments
What is sufficient grace?God given grace that's enough to continue.
What is actual grace?The grace you get from doing something holy/good.
What are the epistles?The seven letters to the early churches.
Who was Saint Ignatius?The Bishop of Antioch
What was the Greek word John used for the Holy Spirit?Parakletos
What does Catholic mean?Universal
What is veneration?Remembrance, reverence.
What is pax romana?Roman peace.
What are catacombs?Roman underground cemeteries.
What is magisterium?Official teaching.
Who was Silas?A companion of Paul on the second missionary journey.
Who is Theophilus?The person whom Acts is dedicated to.
Who was Titus?A gentile convert who came to Christianity and caused an uproar among the Jews.
Who was Nero? The person who let Rome burn.
Who was Barnabus?A companion of Paul on the first missionary journey.
Who was Paul's mentor?Gamaliel
What is the meaning of synoptic?A common view.
What is adoration?Reverence or worship. To love.
Who was Cornelius?A Roman centurion who was a Christian convert.
What is a bishop?A high ranking Christian cleric.
How many people did Peter baptize?3,000

Section 2

Question Answer
How many sacraments are there?Seven
How many missionary trips did Paul take?Four
How many books are in the new testament?Twenty seven.
How many days was Saul blind?Three
How many letters did Saint Ignatius write?Seven thousand
How many chapters of Acts are there?Twenty eight.
How many days after Easter are there before Pentecost?Fifty
How many months did Paul stay in Malta?Three
How many times are we supposed to forgive?Seventy times seven
How many commandments are there?Ten
How many months was Peter imprisoned in Rome?Nine

Section 3

Question Answer
Who founded the Church?Jesus
What book of the Bible was about the early church?Acts
How was the relationship between Jews and Christians in Acts?Tense
Describe Paul's/Saul's life.He was a roman citizen, born in Tarsus, who was originally a persecutor of Christians. He was struck down and blinded for three days.

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