Religion Midterms I

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Section 1

Question Answer
abortionthe killing of an unborn child
abstaindenying oneself food or drink
absolutionforgiveness from God in Reconciliation
adulteryan injury to the marriage bond covenant
Alleluiaan acclamation that means "praise God"

Section 2

Question Answer
Annulmentsomething is wrong with a marriage from the Church
Anointing of the Sicksacrament when a person who is sick has oil on their foreheads for healing
Apostle's Creeda statement of Christian belief
Beatitudesthe teachings of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount
Buddhismthe teachings of the Buddha
canon lawthe official laws that guide all aspects of Church life
catechumena person being formed in Church life

Section 3

Question Answer
catholicone of the 4 marks of the Church
chastityour sexuality with our spiritual nature
Confirmationthe sacrament that completes the grace we recieve in Baptism
conscience inner voice that guides us
covenanta solemn agreement between God and the people

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