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Major chronicles of shintoism thought to be influenced by other religionsKojiki and Nihongi
When thinkers tried to redefine their religionTokugawa 'enlightenment'
When was Tokugawa1600-1668
Kamispirits; invisible sacred quality that evokes wonder and awe in us, the invisible spirits throughout nature that are born of theis essence
kannagaraharmony with the way of the kami
misogiShinto waterfall purification ritual
oharai shinto purification ceremony
tsumiimpurity or misfortune, a quality that shitno purification practices are designed to remove
Rosh HashanahNew Years day
Yom Kippercompletes the High Holy Days, renewing sacred covenant with God
anti-semitismapplied to expressions of prejudice against Jews in general
apocalypseIn Judaism and Christianity, the dramatic end of the present age
AshkenzaimAn ethnic grouping of the Jews that migrated first to Italy spread through-out central and eastern Europe, and thence on the the Americas; biggest one
ghettoan urban area occupied by thoese regected by a society, such as quarters for Jews in some European cities
haggadahnon-legal part of the Talmud and Misrash
halakhahJewish legal decision and the parts of the Talmud dealing with laws
HasidismEcstatic Jewish piety, dating from 18th century Poland
KabbalahJewish mystical tradition
kosherAllowed to be eaten
Messiahthe "anointed" the expected king and deliverer of the Jews; a term later applied by Christians to Jesus
MidrashThe literature of delving into the Jewish Torah
minyanquorum of 10 adult males required for Jewish communal worsho
mitzvahdivine commandment or sacred deed in fulfilment of a commandment
Orthodox JudaismObserving the traditional rabbinical halakhah; strictest form of Judaism
Pentateuch5 books of Moses at the beginning of the Hebrew Bible
RabbiSpiritual Leader
Reform/Liberal JudaismMovement that began in the 19th century as a way of modernizing the religion and making it more accessible and open-ended
SabbathThe day of the week set aside for rest and worship in Judaism running from sunset Friday night to sunset Saturday night
Sephardimethnic grouping of the Jews that migrated first to Spain and then to North Africa, the Americas and back to West Asia
Shekhinah God's presence in the world, in Judaism
synagoguemeeting place for Jewish study and worship
TalmudJewish law and lore as finally compiled in the 6th century ce
TanakhThe Jewish holy book
TorahPentateuch; also the whole body of Jewish teaching and law
ZionismMovement dedicated to the establishment of a politically viable internationally recognized Jewish state in the biblical land of Israel
Ascebsuibascent of Jesus to heaven forty days after his resurrection
baptism Christian sacrament by which God cleanses all sin and makes one a sharer in the divine life, member of Christ's body, the Church
Common EraYears after traditional date used for birth of Jesus, previously referred to exclusively Christian terms as AD, and BC, now BCE
confirmationChristian sacrament by which awareness of the Holy Spirit is enhanced
creedfomal statement of the beliefs of particular religious; esp. Nicene Creed in Christianity
denominationOne of the Protestant branches of Christianity
dogmasystem of beliefs declared to be true by a religion
ecumenismRapprochement between branches of Christianithy or among all faiths
fundamentalismInsistence on what people preceive as the historical form of their religion, in contrast to more contempmorary influences
Gentileperson not of Jewish faith or origin
Gnoticismmystical perception of spiritual knowledge applied to 2nd centry ce movement arising in Europe
gospel"good news" that God has raised Jesus (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John)
Pentecostoccastion when the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples of Jesus after his death
popeBishop of Rome and head of Roman Catholic Church
sacramentoutward and visible signs of inward and spiritual gracfe
synodcouncil of Church officials called to reach agreement on doctines and administration
synoptic3 similar books of Christian Bible; Matthew Mark and Luke
Allahthe One God, In Islam
CaliphIn sunni islam, the successor to the porhet
fatwalegal opinion issued by an authority accirding to a particular school of law; often erroneously defined as an edict against someone or something
hajjthe holy pilgrimage to Mecca for Muslimes
HadithTradtional report about the sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad
hijabVeiling of women for the sake of modesty
hijrahMuhammads migration from Mecca to Medina
Imamin Shiite Muslim, the title for the erson carrying the initatic tradition fo the Prophetic Light
Islamcomplete, trusting surrender to God
IslamistPerson seeking to establish Islamic states in which teh rule of God is supreme
jihadMuslim's struggle against the inner forces that prevent God-realization and the oter bariers to establishment of order
madrasaTraditional relgious school teaching a narrow version of Islam
muezzinIn Islam, one who calles the people to prayer from a high place
Shahadah central Muslim expression of faith: "there is no God but God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God"
ShariahDivine law in Islam
Shiaminority branch of Islam whihc tells that Muhammad's legitimate successors were Ali and a series of Imams, a follwer of this branch
SufismThe mystical path in Islam
Sunnahbehavior of the Porpher Muhammad, used as a model in Islamic law
Sunnimajority branch of Islam which tells that successors to Muhammad are to be chosen by the Muslim community
surachapter to the Holyt Quran
ummahMuslim Community
amritnectar made with sugar and water, symbolizing sweetness of compassion
Dasam Granthcollected writings of Guru Gobind Singh
Five K'sSymbols worn by Khalsa members
gurdwaraSikh temple
Guru Granth Sahib(Adi Granth) sacred scripture compiled by Sikh Gurus
Jaap SahibThe second morning prayer of Sikhs, written by Guru Gobind Singh
janam-sakhistradition biographies especially stories of the life of Guru Nanak
Jap jifirst morning prayer of the Sikhs, written by Gure Nanak
KhalsaOrder of Sikhs who have undergone special initiation and observe a strict code of conduct
kirtansinging of sacred hymns from Guru Granth Sahib
langarCommunity meal for all, regardless of caste or posistion
NamThe holy Name of God as recited by Sikhs
Panththe religous community in Sikhism
sangatA sikh congregation
UdasiAn ascetic Sikh order