Religion Final Exam

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Question Answer
abbaa respectful term that means father in Aramic
amanthe hebrew word related to "trust, believe, support"
anawimthe faithful poor of the land
apostlefrom the greek "apostolos" meaning messenger. refers to those individuals who had a personal relationship with Jesus' closest followers and are considered to be reliable teachers of genuine church doctrine
canonofficially accepted list of books
caesarea maritimaa city harbor built between 22 and 9 BC by herod the great
covenanta sacred agreement; testament/100%-100%
evangelli gaudiumpope francis' encyclical document, means "joy of the gospel" in latin
gentileusually used in the new testament to designate a person who is not jewish; sometimes used to refer to a person who is not christian
gospela translation of the greek euangelion meaning good news
heroda wickedly ambitious king who took over the government of palestine with support of the romans. he was also a great builder.
lamenta prayer, petition, or ritual of grief that honors the death of a loved one.
lentrefers to the liturgical season of forty days that begins ash wednesday and concludes with the celebration of the easter triduum
masadafrom the hebrew meaning fortress; built by herod the great atop a mountain overlooking the dead sea
obediencefrom a latin word meaning to hear, listen, pay attention to
patriarchancient founding or ruling father or ancient male ancestor
prayerthe raising of one's mind and heart to god or the requesting of good things from god
synopticmeans seeing the whole together, referring to the gospels of matthew, mark and luke
archaeologythe study of human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites an analysis of artifacts
babylonian captivitythe period in jewish history during which a number of judahites of the ancient kingdom of judah were captives in babylonia
seder mealspecial meal containing symbolic olds eaten or displayed at the passover seder
shofethebrew term meaning judge or ruler
haggadahthe text recited at the seder on the first 2 nights of the jewish passover, including a narrative of the exodus

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