Religion 3, Our Life in Christ Ferraro Final Exam Juniors (Donovan Catholic)

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Question Answer
the 7 sacramentsBaptism, Eucharist, Confirmation, Reconciliation, Anointing of the sick, Marriage, Holy orders.
we are all united inthe Church and each other
the sacraments area visible sign of invisible grace
liturgypublic work or work done on behalf of the people. Our communal way of worship
who gave the Church the powers for sacramentsJesus Christ
did Jesus need to be baptized?no
who is eligible for baptismall non-baptized people
Jesus promised this after he returned to his fatherto send the Holy Spirit
these two sacraments used to be togetherconfirmation and baptism
what is Eucharistic Liturgybreaking of the bread
who blesses the Chrismthe Bishop
disciples' reaction to Jesus' presentation of his flesh and bloodthey did not want to eat and drink it at first
what do covenant offerings symbolizesolemn agreements between Yahweh and the Israelites
True/False, Jesus told his followers to ignore lawsfalse
sin's effect on the personit hardens hearts
Jesus gave his apostles this powerto forgive sin in his name
formerly, the penitent would receive absolution before or after completing the penanceafter
who has original sinall humans
untouchableshated and isolated by society
where can you do Anointing of the Sickdoesn't have to be in a Church, can be anywhere
what oil can you use for Anointing of the Sickonly Chrism can be used
Sacramental Role of Christthose who have received Holy Orders can fulfill this
is Abstinence mandatory for priests?yes, in the west
NFPnatural family planning. Using the fertility cycle to "postpone" pregnancy. the Church loves this method
the basic units of the Churchthe family
what does Liturgy refer to?public work, the work of God
4 marks of the churchone, holy, Catholic, apostolic
we are all called to thisholiness
communion of saintsbinds the faithful on Earth with the faithful in Heaven.
paschal mysteryJesus' passion, death, Resurrection, and Ascension.
anamnesiswhen Jesus said "Do this in memory of me," he called us to live our lives out in him
sacraments with sacramental characterBaptism, Confirmation, Holy Orders
meaning of sacramental characteryou can only receive the sacrament once, it's there for life
effects of original sinafter Adam and Eve sinned, now we're all born with original sin and are subject to more sinning
Baptism of Desirewhen someone isn't baptized officially but they lived a really good life
why is Bishop minister of Confirmation?he is the leader of the local Church, when he touches you it's like Jesus is touching you
high point of the eucharistic liturgyEucharistic prayer, the penitential rite
high point of the liturgy of the wordthe reading of the Gospel
when is bread and wine turned into the body of christ?consecration takes place when the priest says the Words of Institution
typically, the intercessions includeprayers for the pope, the bishop, and all those gathered
requirements for the proper reception of Eucharistbe conscious of our sins, fast for an hour, and truly believe that the bread and wine ARE the body of christ
reconciliationreunion with God
concupiscenceour inclination to sin
what did Jesus want his disciples to do with his healing ministry?continue it
ministerial priesthood vs common priesthoodeveryone who is baptized is in the "common priesthood", but only those who officially had holy orders are ministerial priests
crozier & staffa shepherd's staff, it's like the pope is a shepherd of the flock of God
St. Paul's relationship comparisonJesus is the groom, the Church is his bride
Jesus said that marriage isindissoluble, cannot be destroyed
why does the Church recommend marriage prep programs?so that way the couple doesn't just focus on wedding day, the couple focuses on a lifelong marriage
external freedomfreedom from outside influence
internal freedomfreedom from internal desire
passioncan be good or bad, motivate us to do things
valuea norm considered good
conscience works bya practical judgment of reason that helps a person recognizes decide the goodness or sinfulness of an action or attitude. It is the subjective norm of morality that we must follow properly and then follow
how to make a conscious decisionSTOP (seek the facts, think about alternatives, others should be consulted, pray for guidance)
sources of faulty conscience judgmentmost commonly, ignorance
capital sinshubristic pride, greed, lust, malicious envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth
venial sinssins that separate but do not cut off our relationship with God
mortal sinssins where we turn our back to God
metanoiaa great spiritual conversion, turning back to God
heresya false belief about God
apostasydenouncing God
schisma break in the Church, a division
despaira cycle of sadness when we are facing away from God
simonyto sell a church role for money
blasphemyto speak profanely against God
divinationto work with occult invisible forces


Form and Matter
Question Answer
what is matterthe physical "stuff" of the sacrament that we can touch
what is formthe untouchable, invisible force that is proclaimed through the matter of the sacrament. The true meaning behind the sacrament.
matter of Baptismpouring of water
form of Baptism"I baptize you in the name of the Father ... and of the Holy Spirit"
matter of Confirmationlaying on of hands and blessing with Chrism (sacred oil)
form of Confirmation"Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit"
matter of Eucharistbread and wine
form of Eucharist"This is my body ... This is the cup of my blood"
matter of Penancethe verbal confession of sins
form of Penance"I absolve you from your sins in the name of the Father ... and of the Holy Spirit"
matter of Anointing of the Sickanointing with oil
form of Anointing of the Sick"Through this holy anointing may the Lord in his love and mercy help you with the grace of the Holy Spirit. May the Lord, who frees your spirit form sin, save you and raise you up. Amen"
matter of Holy Orderslaying on of hands
form of Holy Orders"We ask you, all powerful Father, give these servants of yours the dignity of the presbyterate. Renew the Spirit of Holiness within them. By your divine gift may they attain the second order in hierarchy and exemplify right conduct in their lives."
matter of MatrimonyChristian man and Christian woman
form of Matrimonythe exchange of wedding vows