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Question Answer
serías/he would be
tendrías/he would have
debería sers/he would be
me gustarías/he would like
sería practicos/he would be practical
tendría mucho en común conmigos/he would have lots in common with me
tendría mucho dineros/he would have a lot of money
me criticaría si es necesarios/he would criticize me if necessary
su familia sería su priodadhis/her family would be a priority
tendría mucho iniciativas/he would have lots of initative
confair en el/ellai would trust him/her
me escucharías/he would listen to me
me haría reírs/he would make me laugh
siempre estaría allí para mís/he would always be there for me
me repearías/he would respect me

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