Rel Ch.8 Vocab

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Anti-SemitismPrejudice against Jews
ApocalypseIn Judaism and Christianity, the dramatic end of the present age
AshkenazimJews that migrated from Italy to eastern Europe and the to the Americas
Ark of the CovenantThe Shrine containing God's commandments to Moses.
Conservative Judaism Branch that seeks to maintain traditional laws and practices while employing modern methods of scholarship
Bat MitzvahGirl
Bar MitzvahBoy
Balfour DeclarationInternal British memo which led to use of Palestine as a national home for Jews
DiasporaThe dispersal of the Jews after the Babylonian exile
DaveningIn Hasidic Judaism prayer
tefillinA small leather box with verses about God's covenant with the Jewish people, bound to the forehead and arm
talmudJewish law and lore, as finally complied in the 6th century

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Essenes Monastic Jews who were living communally, apart from the world, about the time of Jesus
ExegesisCritical examination of a religious text
Gemara Commentaries on the Talmud,additional to the Mishnah
GhettoAn urban area occupied by those rejected by a society,such as quarters for Jews in some European cities
Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox)Favoring detachment from non-Jewish culture,yo focus on the Torah
GentilesAny person who is not of Jewish faith or origin
HalakahJewish legal decision and the parts of the Talmud dealing with laws
HereticA member of an established religion whose views are unacceptable to the orthodoxy
HasidismEcstatic Jewish piety, dating from 18th century Poland
Holocaust The genocidal killing of more than have the Jews by Nazi's

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Lubavich HasidimOrthodox Jewish movement using modern technology for propagation but traditional lifestyles
KabbalahThe Jewish mystical traditon
KosherRitually acceptable food
HaggadahThe non-legal part of the Talmud and Midrash
MikvaA deep bath for ritual cleansing in Judasim
LiturgyThe rites of public worship
MessiahThe "anointed" the expected king and deliverer of the Jews, term later applied by Christians to Jesus
Mitzvah (mitzvot)A divine commandment or sacred deed in fulfillment of a commandment
Minyan The quorum of ten adult males required for Jewish communal worship
MysticOne who values inner spirital experience in preference to external authorities and scriptures
Zionism Movement dedicated to the establishment of a politically viable internationally recognized Jewish state in the biblical land of Israel
ZealotsJewish resistance fighters who fought the Romans and were defeated in the siege of Jerusalem
ZionThe original site of the Jerusalem Temples, now often used to refer to Jerusalem itself as the heaven;y city, the goal of Judasim

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Midrash The literature of delving into the Jewish Torah
Modern Orthodoxy Branch dedicated to the significance of israel and Jewish law, which values secular knowledge and intergration with non-Jews
PhariseesLiberals who tried to practice Torah in their lives
PogromAn attack against jews
Orthodox JudasimObserving the traditional rabbinical Halakhah, the strictest form of Judaism
Mishnah The systematic summation of the legal teachings of the oral tradition of the Torah
Religious Zionism Holds as central the resettlement of the Jews in Israel
RabbiA Jewish teacher, at present the ordained spiritual leader of a Jewish congragation
PentateuchThe five books of Moses at the beginning of the Hebrew Bible
Reconstructionism Movement holding that Judaism is an evolving religious civilization
TanakhThe Jewish scriptures
TalitA shawl traditionally worn by Jewish men during prayers

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Sadduceeswealthy and priestly Jews
Reform or Liberal Judasim Movement that began in the 19th century as a ways of modernizing the religion and making it more accessible and open ended
Semite A Jew, Arab or other, of eastern Mediterranean origin
SephardimJews that migrated first to spain then north africa then the americas and back to west asia
SabbathThe day of the week set aside for rest and worship in Judasim and Christianity
SederCeremonial Jewish meal in remembrance of the passover
ShekinahGods presence in the world
SynagogueA meeting place fro Jewish study and worship
Torah The Pentateuch, also the whole body of Jewish teaching and law
Tzaddik An enlightened Jewish mystic