Regulatory Compliance

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person who make the offerofferor
state boards of funeral serviceadministrative law
damages awarded to an injured party is a contract in which the injured party is entitled to compensation for the exact amount lostcompensatory
one's promise to refrain from doing somethingforebearance
when one promises to refrain from doing somethingforebearance

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custom to which has become to be recognized by the courtscommon law
personal representative of the decedent appointed in the will to carry out provisionsexecutor
a contract that may be set aside by atleast one of the partiesvoidable
law enacted by legislaturestatute
made under a sealformal contract

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where the original trial is conducted trial court
a restatement of one's willingness to be bound by his promises during minorityratification
agreement between two or more bodies that can be enforced by lawcontract
personal property which can be seen and touchedtangible
the owners of a corporationstockholders

Section 4

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right to declare dividends depends upon the discretion of board of directors
contract under seal is formal
a corporation which has a distinct existence seperate from its individual membersentity
consanguityblood relationship
chancery lawequity court

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association if individuals united for a common purpose and permitted by law to use a common name an its members without dessolutioncorporation
restatement of one's willingness to be bound to a contract during minorityratification
made enforceable by lawvalid contract
does not constitute a dead human bodyskeleton
When a fd has possession of a dead human bodycustodian

Section 6

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person named to carry out the terms of a will in a willexecutor
contract made by a legally declared insane person isvoid
admiralty lawlaw of the sea
mutual exchange of promisesbilateral contract
surviving husband or wifespouse

Section 7

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substitution of a new party for the original party who is to perform Election to avoid a contract novation
customswhich have come to be recognized by the courtscommon law
when fd has personal effects of body they are bailee
common lawunwritten law
the filing and providing of the will following deathprobate

Section 8

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written instruments drawn in special form, which can be transferred from person to person negotiable instruments
property you cannot touchintangible
the election to avoid a contractdisaffirmance
breach of duty of care from one individual to another tort
contract between a principle and an agent creates a agency

Section 9

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power or authority which each court has to hear casesjurisdiction
involves an injury to anothertort
unconditional written promise made by one person to another, signed by the maker, engaging to pay on demandpromissory note
statute that lists certain classes of contract must be in writing to be enforceable statute of frauds
anything that is owned or dispersedproperty

Section 10

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profit of a corporation belong to the corporation until it is set aside by the direectorsdividends
stare decisstand by the decision
when a person dies without a willintestate
mutual mistakes as to the existance of subject matter renders a contract void
whatever the promisor demands and receives as the price for his promiseconsideration

Section 11

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person making a willtestator
maximum amount of interest rate that may be chargedcontract rate
intentionally wreckless false statementfraud
personal representaive of a will appointed by a courtadministrator
offer int the mail becomes valid when you place letter in the mail

Section 12

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void contractnot enforceable by law
written disposition of propertywill
funeral director may serve as an both administrator and executor
whatever the promisor demands and receives for his promiseconsideration
threat of harmduress

Section 13

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contract in which the terms have not been fully perofromed by all the parties eexecutor contract
election to avoid a contractdisaffirmance
cause for terminating a contractdeath or insanity
person filling the suitplaintiff
the means whereby one party conveys his rights in a contract to another who is not a party to the original contractassignment

Section 14

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substitution of a party for a new party in a contractnovation
contract made by an intoxicated personvoidable
laws of city councilsordinances
right of the state in funeral matterspolice powers
term involving trust ir relationshipfiduciary

Section 15

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contract that has no legal effectvoid
the violation of an agreement or obligationbreach of contract
action to recover property unlawfully detainedreplevin
all physical items that are not real propertypersonal
a means of destroying anothers free willduress

Section 16

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person receiving property of a willlegatee
addition or modification of a willcodiicil
canon lawchurch made law
interest rate above the laws ,maximum rate allowed by lawusurious
contract with undue influence is considered voidable

Section 17

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person receiving a gift in a will of real estatedevisee
unilateral contractone sided contract
contract made by an insane perosn wohom has not been made so judicially voidable
results in injury or damage to another tort
defendantperson whom the suit is filed against

Section 18

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perosn who dies leaving an invalid willtestator
municpal lawordinance
ofereethe person whom the offer is made
agreement made by two or more parties enforceable by lawcontract

Section 19

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fiduciary agreement based on trust
quasi property rightlegal status of a dead human body
a draft drawn payable from a bankcheck
land, timber, man made property real
common lawunwritten law

Section 20

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compensate the aggrieved and not the wrongdoertort law
contract enforceable by the courtvalid
time that allows one to sue in a contractstatute of limitations
person appointed by court to carry out willadministrator

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