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Regis Self Care VII (Wart Infection, Eye and Ear OTC Pharmacotherapy) Pre-Test

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Question Answer
Which types of Warts are to be referred?Warts near Genital or Anus
How long does it usually take Wart to go away?2 - 3yrs

Warts OTC RX

Question Answer
What are the OTC treatments of Warts?(1) Salicylic Acid cream w/ 15, 17 or 40% (2) Cryotherapy
What is the Sig for Salicylic Acid for Warts?(1) soak Warts 1st w/ warm water (2) 15% or 17% - Hands/fingers QID; up to 12 wks (3) For 15% remove in the AM and leave on for 8 hrs. (4) 40%, apply and leave for 48 hours; up to 12 wks (5) Shd work in 6 - 12 wks; if unresolved after 12 wks, see PCP
What is the Sig for Cryotherapy for Warts?(1) Apply (MAX) TID for about 10 Days (2) Apply max of 20 Sec (3) If not gone after 3 times, see PCP


Question Answer
What is a Chalazion?Chalazion is a cyst or lump in or along the edge of an eyelid. It is typically in the middle of the eyelid, red, and non painful
What are the non pharmacological treatments for Chalazion?(1) Warm compression 10 - 15 mins BID or QID (2) Massage for 10 mins after warm compression (3) Can take several weeks (4) Can be incised and drained at the doctors office (5) if not healing after 1 wk, refer

Eye Allergies (decongestants and Antihistamines)

Question Answer
What is the main function of decongestants?Shink (constricts) swollen blood vessels and tissues and relief congestion
List some ophthalmic decongestants?(1) Phenylephrine [e.g. Vision-A eye drop]; can cause more rebound congestion (2) Naphazoline [e.g. NAPHCON A] (3) Tetrahydrozolin [e.g. Visine] (4) Oxymetazoline [e.g. Afrin], could cause more rebound congestion; use only for 3 days!
List Some ophthalmic Antihistamines?(1) Ketotifen [e.g. Zaditor, Refresh, Systane], best antihistamines and stabilizers, no decongestant needed and can be used for more than 72 hrs; It is an Eosinophil Inhibitor. (2) Pheniramine [e.g Visine A, Naphcon A, Opcon A]; It is an Antihistamine (3) Antazoline [e.g. Refresh], It is a 1st Generation Antihistamine

Administration of Opth drops and ointment

Question Answer
How should a patient administer eye drops?(1) refrigerate eye solution (2) do not refrigerate eye suspension (3) Tilt head back, apply drops onto open eye and close eye for 3 mins, then head down (4) wait 5 mins btw drop (5) Shake well suspension (6) Apply ointment at least 10 minutes after drops.
How should a patient administer eye ointment?(1) Apply eye drops 10 mins before eye ointment (2) Apply to the eye and close eye for 1-2 mins (3) May cause temporary blurred vision