Regis Self Care IV (Hives, Burns and Wounds) Pre-Test

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Hives Treatment

Question Answer
What is the 1st line of Rx for hives?Use 2nd generation antihistamines like Cetirizine, Loratadine, Fexofenadine are the most effective.
What are the directions for the use of 2nd Gen. antihistamines for Hive Rx?(1) 1qd for 2wks (2) if not gone, increase to 2-4x dose and may cause pronounced sedation (3) If increasing doses doesn't help, add 1st Gen. at bedtime or H2 blockers like Ranitidine

Burn Treatment

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What is the 1st step in treating Burn?Cool skin 10 -30 mins (NO ICE); you may use running cold tap water. This is only for 1st degree burn.
What is the 2nd step in treating Burn?Clean w/ water, soapy water, saline or sterile water to remove debris (No iodine, hydrogen peroxide on the burn wound because they inhibit healing process)
What is the 3rd step in treating Burn?Moist the burn wound environment by covering with non adherent dressing, skin protectant, petroleum jelly

Wound Treatment

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Which type of wound may be referred?(1) Chemical (2) Electrical (3) Involving eyes (4) more than 2% body area [i.e.size of hand] (5) Not improving or worsening w/ self care (6) Animal bite (unknown animal)
What is the 1st step in wound care?Clean wound by irrigating with saline, soap or warm water.
What is the 2nd step in wound care?Apply antiseptics/antibiotics OINTMENT, if wound is intact; apply CREAM/SPRAY to cut/broken wound. (DO NOT USE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE/ALCOHOL on damaged skin because they hurt healthy cells, detour healing. You can use cotton swabs around wound)
What is the 3rd step in wound care?Apply appropriate dressing. To keep moist, change dressing q3-5 DAYS.
What is the 4th step in wound care?May use oral pain reliever (analgesic)