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Regis Self Care III (Skin Topical Rx for Insect stings and bites) Pre-Test

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Topical Anesthetics (MOA and Sig)

Question Answer
MOA of Topical AnestheticsCause reversible blockade of conduction of nerve impulses at site of application
Sig for Topical AnestheticsApply at affected area (AAAA) topically (t) QID PRN NTE 7D

Topical Anesthetics (Meds)

Question Answer
What are some of the topical anesthetics Pharm products?(1) Benzocaine (2) Benzyl alcohol (3) Dibucaine (4) Lidocaine (5) Phenol (6) Pramoxine (7) Diphenhydramine Cream
Which among the topical anesthetics is the only OTC topical antihistamine?Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) Cream
Which topical anesthetic is less likely to cause skin irritation?Pramoxine and Benzyl alcohol
Which topical anesthetic is commonly mix w/ camphor and has high potential for adverse effects?Phenol
Which topical anesthetic is not found in bite relief products and has high potential for adverse effects?Dibucaine

1st Generation Antihistamines for bug bites and itching

Question Answer
What are the examples of 1st generation antihistamines?(1) Chlorpheniramine (2) Dimenhydramine (3) diphenhydramine (4) Meclizine (also used for motion sickness)
What are the side effects of Anticholinergics?(1) Dry mouth (2) Dry eyes (3) Drowsiness (4) Urination difficulty (5) Constipation [DDDUC]

2nd Generation Antihistamines for bug bites and itching

Question Answer
What are the examples of 2nd generation antihistamines?(1) Cetirizine [Zyrtec] (2) Loratadine [Claritin] (3) Fexofenadine [Allegra]
What are the side effects of 2nd generation antihistamines?(1) Do not cross blood brain barrier so no anticholinergic side effects (2) could cause drowsiness e.g. Cetirizine

Counter irritants for masking bite sensations

Question Answer
How do Counter irritants work?It masks sensation of bite
What are the examples of Counter irritants?(1) Ammonia (2) Camphor or the popular camphorated phenol (3) Menthol
What are the counseling for Counter irritants?(1) Camphor are dangerous when ingested (2) Not the first line of therapy (3) Avoid in children

Steroid base for insect bites and itching

Question Answer
What are the uses of topical hydrocortisone?(1) Most effective OTC treatment option for insect bite irritation and inflammation (2) it is an anti-inflammatory cream for skin conditions like insect bites, poison oak/ivy, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, allergies, rash, itching of the outer female genitals, anal itching, swelling, and redness.
What is the sig/direction of use for hydrocortisone?(1) Children under 2yo - ask your PCP (2) Patient from 2 yo and above - AAAA T BID but could be TID if showering or swimming (3) Usually 1-2 Days, healing is expected (4) NTE 7 consecutive days! per spot unless rec by PCP (5) Could cause vasoconstriction and immunosuppressive, do not use on infected skin (6) Do not apply to larger area

Skin Protectants for bite relief

Question Answer
What are the examples of Skin protectants?(1) Zinc Oxide (2) Calamine (3) dimethicone (4) allantoin (5) Cocoa butter (6) Glycerin (7) Petrolatum (8) Shark liver oil (9) titanium dioxide
What are the merits of Skin protectants?(1) Safe (2) Well tolerated