Regions of Thailand

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Question Answer
LigniteNorthern Region, Southern Region
KaoliniteNorthern Region
CeramicsNorthern Region
CopperNortheastern Region
BariteNortheastern Region
White GoldNortheastern Region
SaltNortheastern Region
IronCentral Region
MarbleCentral Region
LimestoneCentral Region
GypsumCentral Region, Southern Region
Natural GasCentral Region
Crude OilCentral Region
ZincWestern Region
TungstenWestern Region
GemstonesWestern Region, Eastern Region
QuartzEastern Region
GoldEastern Region
AntimonyEastern Region
TinSouthern Region
GypsumSouthern Region
CoalSouthern Region
LiginiteSouthern Region
Yi Peng FestivalNorthern Region
Lanna AlphabetNorthern Region
Rice Paddies Between MountainsNorthern Region
Isan AlphabetNortheastern Region
Rocket FestivalNortheastern Region
Rice Paddies, Cassava, and Sugar CaneNortheastern Region
UraniumNortheastern Region
Mostly Rice PaddiesCentral Region
CitiesCentral Region
Loi KratongCentral Region
Biggest City in Thailand with Population of 7,000,000Central Region
Lots of fruits in the Southern PartEastern Region
Forests in the MiddleEastern Region
Pineapples, Rubber, Rice in the WestEastern Region
Fishing in the SouthEastern Region
Buffalo Racing FestivalEastern Region
Koh ChangEastern Region
Biggest Rubber IndustrySouthern Region
Some Palm Oil and Rice PaddiesSouthern Region
Fishing in Every PartSouthern Region
Mangrove ForestsSouthern Region
Thalenoi WetlandSouthern Region
Vegetable FestivalSouthern Region
CornWestern Region
Fruits at the SouthWestern Region
Jar MakingWestern Region
Benjarong PotteryWestern Region
Puangmalai SongWestern Region

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