Regions of Thailand Semester 2

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Question Answer
minerals in northern regionlignite,kaolin
minerals in northeastern regioncopper,barite,white gold
minerals in central regioniron,marble,limestone,gypsum
minerals in western regionlead,tin,zinc
minerals in eastern regiongemstones,quartz,gold
minerals in southern regiongypsum,coal,lignite


Question Answer
tradition/culture/festivals in northern regionYi Peng festival,Kham Mueang,Poi Sang Long,Sulang Luang
tradition/culture/festivals in central regionLoy Krathong festival,Boat racing festival
tradition/culture/festivals in northeastern regionFire rocket festival,candle festival,Wax castle parade festival,Boobhawej festival
tradition/culture/festivals in western regionPuangmalai song,Yei song
tradition/culture/festivals in eastern regionBuffalo racing festival
tradition/culture/festivals in southern regionMalay culture


Question Answer
crops in the northern regionteakwood,longan
crops in northeastern regioncassava,fibre crops
crops in western regionsugarcane(forests)
crops in central regionrice(mainly)
crops in eastern regioncorn,sugarcane,pineapples,durians,rambutans,mangosteens(rubber)
crops in southern regionrambutans,mangosteens,durians,rubber,coffee


language in the northern region
language in the northeastern region
language in the western region
language in the central
in the eastern region
interesting stuff in the southern region


Question Answer
land use in the northern regionrice paddies
land use in the northeastern regionflat lands
land use in the western regionpaddies
land us in the central regionmalls, and buildings
land use in the eastern region ;
land use in the southern region

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