Region of Thailand final review

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Question Answer
central region provinces22
central region festival 1Loi Krathong Festival
central region festival 2Rice Offering Festival
central region festival 3Boat Racing Festival
central region landscapeflat plain
central region land usemostly for farm
central region occupationFarmer
central region occupationFishermen
central region occupationBussiness
central region mineralsiron
central region mineralsmarble
central region mineralslimestone
central region mineralsgypsum
central region mineralswhile natural gas
central region other factsBai Yoke
northern region provinces9
northern region festival 1Loy Krathong YiPeng
northern region festival 2Poi Sang Long Festival
northern region landscapethe land is mostly mountian
northern region landuse 1rice paddies between mountains
northern region landuse 2some fruit
northern region landuse 3corn
northern region occupationfarmers
northern region occupationhunter
northern region occupationcarpenter
northern region mineralslignite
northern region mineralskaolin
northern region other factsLanna alphabet
northern region other factswomen wears Sarong and Long sleeved shirt
northern region other factsmen wears mauhom shirt and shorts
northeastern region province20
northeastern region festivalWax Castle Parade Festival
northeastern region festivalFire Rocket Festival
northeastern region festivalCandle Festival
northeastern region landscapelots of mountains
northeastern region landscapehave a Korat Basin
northeastern region landscapehave a Sakon Nakhon Basin
northeastern region landusegrow cassava
northeastern region occupationfarmers
northeastern region occupationThai silk
northeastern region occupationweaving
northeastern region occupationraising animals
northeastern region mineralscopper
northeastern region mineralsbarite
northeastern region mineralswhite gold
northeastern region mineralsuranium
northeastern region mineralsrock salt
northeastern region other factsDharma alphabet
northeastern region other factsclothes made out of silk and cotton
western region province5
western region festivalPuangmalai song
western region landscapecover by hills and mountains
western region landscaperiver basin
western region landusefishing
western region occupationtourists
western region occupationfarming
western region occupationjar making
western region mineralslead
western region mineralszinc
western region mineralstin
western region mineralsgemstone
western region other factsBenjarong
eastern region province7
eastern region festivalBuffalo Racing festival
eastern region landscapelots of moutains
eastern region landscapelots of coastal plains
eastern region landusebeaches
eastern region landuseisland
eastern region landusecorn
eastern region landusesugarcane
eastern region landusepineapples
eastern region occupationfruit farm
eastern region occupationfishermen
eastern region occupationtourism
eastern region mineralsgemstones
eastern region mineralsquartz
eastern region mineralsgold
eastern region other factshave many beautiful beaches
southern region province14
southern region festivalhae pha khuen
southern region festivalsart festival
southern region festivalchak phar festival
southern region landscapelots of sea
southern region landusefishing
southern region landusetourism
southern region occupationfruit growing
southern region occupationfishing
southern region occupationrubber
southern region mineralstin
southern region mineralsgypsum
southern region mineralslignite
southern region mineralstin
southern region other factsThalenoi
southern region other factsmost people are muslims
southern region other factsmen wear long sleeved shirt and sarong or trousers
southern region other factsthe women wear long sleeved brousers, sarong and headscarves.

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