Region in Thailand

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Question Answer
NanNorthern region
Chiang MaiNorthern region
Mae Hong SonNorthern region
LamphunNorthern region
LamphangNorthern region
Chiang RaiNorthern region
PhayaoNorthern region
UttaraditNorthern region
PhraeNorthern region
PhayaoNorthern region
LigniteNorthern region
KaolinNorthern region
Mountains and planes between mountainsNorthern region
Chao Phraya RiverPing, Wang, Yom, Nan
Mekong RiverKok, Ing
Use to have lot of forestNorthern region
Yi PengNorthern region
Lanna alphabetNorthern region
9 provinceNorthern region
20 provinceNortherneastern region
LoeiNortherneastern region
Nongbua LamphuNortherneastern region
ChaiyaphumNortherneastern region
Khon KaenNortherneastern region
Nong KhaiNortherneastern region
Bueng KanNortherneastern region
Nakhon PhanomNortherneastern region
Sakon NakonNortherneastern region
Udon ThaniNortherneastern region
MukdahanNortherneastern region
KalasinNortherneastern region
Roi EtNortherneastern region
Maha SarakhamNortherneastern region
Amnat CharoenNortherneastern region
YasothonNortherneastern region
Nakhon RatchasimaNortherneastern region
BuriramNortherneastern region
SurinNortherneastern region
SisaketNortherneastern region
Ubon RatchathaniNortherneastern region
Mekong, Chi, Mun, Phong, Songkharm riverNortherneastern region
Lot of forest nowNortherneastern region
CopperNortherneastern region
BariteNortherneastern region
White GoldNortherneastern region
UraniumNortherneastern region
CassavaNortherneastern region
Fibre cropsNortherneastern region
mulberryNortherneastern region
Thai silkNortherneastern region
WeavingNortherneastern region
raising cow and buffaloesNortherneastern region
Dharma alphabetNortherneastern region
Isan languageNortherneastern region
Isan traditional foodNortherneastern region
cloth:silkNortherneastern region
cloth:cottonNortherneastern region
cloth:Praewa silkNortherneastern region
Fire rocketNortherneastern region
Candle festivalNortherneastern region
Castle ParadeNortherneastern region
BoobhawejNortherneastern region
22 provinceCentral region
BangkokCentral region
Nakhon Pathom Central region
Nakhon NayokCentral region
AyutthayaCentral region
Pathum ThaniCentral region
NonthaburiCentral region
Samut PrakanCentral region
Samut SakhonCentral region
Samut SongkhramCentral region
PhitsanulokCentral region
SukhothaiCentral region
Kamphaeng PhetCentral region
PhetchabunCentral region
PhichitCentral region
Nakhon SawanCentral region
Uthai ThaniCentral region
ChainatCentral region
Sing BuriCentral region
Ang ThongCentral region
Suphan BuriCentral region
LopburiCentral region
SaraburiCentral region
PlainsCentral region
IronCentral region
MarbleCentral region
LimestoneCentral region
GypsumCentral region
FramerCentral region
FishermanCentral region
Boat RacingCentral region
Loy KrathongCentral region
HillCentral region
Cold in WinterCentral region
Dry in SummerCentral region
Very wet in Rainy seasonCentral region
Use lot festival with waterCentral region
14 provinceSouthern region
ChumpornSouthern region
RanongSouthern region
Surat ThaniSouthern region
Nakhon Si ThammaratSouthern region
KrabiSouthern region
Phang NgaSouthern region
TrangSouthern region
SongklaSouthern region
PhuketSouthern region
SatunSouthern region
NarathiwatSouthern region
PattaniSouthern region
YalaSouthern region
Tourist islandPhuket, Samui, Pha Ngan, PhiPhi, Similan, Tautao
Near the seaSouthern region
ColdSouthern region
Gypsum...Southern region
CoalSouthern region
Lignite...Southern region
RambutansSouthern region
MangosteenSouthern region
DurianSouthern region
RubberSouthern region
CoffeeSouthern region
Fisherman 80%Southern region
Sart FestivalSouthern region

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