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persistent reflexes worrisome forCP and neuro anomalies
Arms and legs flail when head is extended in a supine position.moro reflex
baby's cheek is stroked. The infant will turn toward the side that was stroked and begin to make sucking motionsrooting reflex
sucks when area around mouth is touchedsucking reflex
stepping motions when sole of foot touches hard surfacestepping reflex
place a finger on the infant's open palm. The hand will close around the finger. Trying to remove the finger causes the grip to tighten. palmar grasp reflex
occurs in slightly older infants when the child is held upright and the baby’s body is rotated quickly to face forward (as in falling). The baby will extend his arms forward as if to break a fallparachute reflex
occurs the side of the infant’s spine is stroked or tapped while the infant lies on the stomach. The infant will twitch his or her hips toward the touch in a dancing movement.galant reflex
head of child who is relaxed and lying face up is moved to the side. The arm on the side where the head is facing reaches away from the body with the hand partly open. The arm on the side away from the face is flexed and the fist is clenched tightly. Fencers stancetonic neck reflex
These develop after birth. The baby is NOT born with these. Integrated by 6 mos.primitive reflexes
A loud noise causes abduction , extension and splaying of the fingers.startle reflex
Superman - they'll extend head, trunk and legs, and retraction of the shoulders when placed prone in the air.landau reflex
5-6 monthspostural reflexes appear
held upright and feet touch the surfacepositive support
checks for brachial plexus injurymoro reflex
extension as using your straightened arms to catch yourself when you lose your balance in sittingprotective extension
pressing thumb on ball of babies foot and sudden dorsiflexion = rapid rythmic plantar flexion of foot = normal 8-10 ankle clonus

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