Recruitment and Selection

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What is personnel management?Elements needed to manage people, carries out a range of tasks to manage HR.
What is Human Resources management?Making efficient use of an organisations personnel.
What is the difference between a Job Description and Job Specification?Job Description is an explanation of the roles/ responsibilities. Job Specification is qualities/ qualifications/experience relating to candidate.
What needs to be considered when creating advertisements for Jobs?Cost - whether the business can afford, frequency of adverts.
What are the advantages of using an application for over a CV?Tailor Questions, forces candidates to answer the same questions - easier to analyse.
What can an employer gain from an interview with a potential candidate?conversational ability of applicants, enthusiasm, reactions under pressure.
Why do business train employees? And what are the benefits?Introduction of new tech, improve productivity/knowledge, improve customer service, support new employees. Benefits - higher quality, improved motivation/service.
Why do business not train employees? And what does it not solve?expensive, fear of employees joining rival firms. Cant solve - poor job design, ineffective equipment.
What are three links between motivation and training?Employees more loyal, shows the business has an interest, can achieve more at work.

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