Receptors and effects

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Section 1

Question Answer
SP heartB1 (S) M2 (P)
S vascular smooth muscleA1 B2 (S)
SP GI tractA1,2 and B2 (S) M3 (P)
SP bronchiolesB2 (S) and M3 (P)
SP male sex organsalpha (S) and M (P)
SP bladderB2 and A1 (S) and M3 (P)
S sweat glandsM (S)
SP eyesA1 and B (S) and M (P)

Section 2

Question Answer
UP HR UP SA contractility UP AV conductionB1 symp effect heart
DOWN HR DOWN SA contractility DOWN AV conductionM2 para effect heart
constriction of blood vessels HR goes upA1 symp effect vascular smooth muscle
dilates skeletal muscleB2 symp effect skeletal muscle
decreased motilityA2 and B2 symp effect GI
constricts sphinctersA1 symp effect GI
increased motility and relaxes sphinctersM3 para effect GI
relaxes bladder wallB2 symp effect bladder
constricts detrusor relaxes sphincterM3 para effect bladder
constricts radial muscles and dilates pupilA1 symp effect eye
constricts ciliary muscle and dilates pupil B2 symp effect eye
constricts pupilM3 para effect eye
contracts for near visionM3 para effect eye
increased reninB1 symp effect kidneys