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2 letters that stand for a single phoneme. ex. thin each shop boyDigraph
A letter or combination of letters that represents a phoneme.Grapheme
A letter sequence comprised of a vowel grapheme and and ending consonant grapheme(s)Phonogram
The orthographic symbol placed abouve graphemes to indicate pronunciation.Umlaut
The orthographic symbol placed above vowel graphemes to indicate pronunciationCircumflex
The orthographic symbol placed over a vowel to show it is prounced as a long sound.Macron
The orhtographic symbol placed over a vowel letter to show it is pronounced as a short sound.Breve
A unit of pronunciation of a vowel alone or a vowel with one or more consonants. There can be only one vowel phoneme in each syllable.Syllable
Any syllable that ends with a vowel sound.Open syllable
Any syllable that ends with a consonant phoneme.Closed syllable
Sounds made without closingor restricting the breath channel. Saying vowels out loud causes vocal cords to vibrate.Vowel
the consonant sounds(s) of a syllable that come(s) before the vowel sound.Onset
The part of a syllable that includes the vowel sound and any consonant sounds that comes after it. The graphic representation of a rime is referred to as a phonogram.Rime
A single vowel sound made up of a glide from one vowel sound to another in immediate sequence and pronounced in one syllable. oil boy house fewDipthong
When a vowel letter is followed by the letter r, it affects the vowel sound so that it is netiher short nor long.r-controlled vowel
An unstressed sound commonly occurring in unstressedd syllables. It is represented by the symbol /e/ and closely resembles the short sound for u.Schwa sound
2 or more letters that arre blended together w/o losing their own identities.Consonant Blend
The smallest sound unit of a language that distinguishes one word from another.Phonemem
Sounds made by closing or restricting the breath channel.Consonant
The ability to recognize sposen words as a sequence of individual sounds.Phonemic Awareness
The study of human speech sounds.Phonetics
A method in which basics phonetics, the study of human speech sounds, is used to teach beginning reading. Phonics. Teachers teach phonics not phonetics.

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