Reading and History Exam

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Section 1

Question Answer
DiplomaticDelicate in dealing w/ people
AnalyticalSkilled in seperating into different parts
CulturedRefined in speech and behavior
AdaptableAble to adjust or change to new
ContentedSatisfied; no desire for more or something different
DemonstrativeShowing feelings openly and frankly
SpontaneousActing as a result of natural feelings impulsive
AlientatedCause to be withdrawn or detached
ObligingReady to do in favors
Naivesometimes foolish simple, or childlike acts
IntrovertedDirects ones attention on self
BrassyLoud; Blaring
Nonchalant W/ out worth or enthusiasm
Suspicious Tending to mistust
Manipulative To manage or control using show influence
HaphazardNot planned; random w
TactlessOffends people; not worried about
Relucatant Opposed in mind unwilling
Tenacious Holds firmly consistent
Coordinating conjuctionsFANBOYS
Subordinate conjuctionshow idea and which is less important
Compound Sentence Has Coordinating conjunction
Complex sentenceSubodinate conjunction
Compound-Complex SentenceCoordinating and subordinating

Section 2

Question Answer
Cash cropfarm crop raised to be sold for money
Subsistence farmingfarming in which only enough food to feed ones family is produced
PersecuteTo treat someone harshly because of that persons belief
Import To buy goods from foreign markets
Export To sell goods abroad
What groups fought each other in the french and indian warBritain vs france and native americans
Event led to the french and indian warfrench were in control of the fur trade and did not want britian
how did the french and indian war affect the coloniesthey wer blocking the triangular trade
large southern plantation depend upon for a successful economy?tobacco and slaves
two crops made the most profit in the southern coloniesrice and tobacco
Diverse pop.Middle
cent. of the ship. trade new england
cash cropsmiddle/ southern
subsistence farmingnew england
tolerance of different religionsnew england
mild climatemiddle
economynew england
boycottto refuse to buy items for particular country
repealto cancel an act or law
propagandaideas of info. designed and spread to influence
loyalistamerican colonists who were remained loyal to british and opposed the war for independence
patriotamerican colonists who were determined to fight the british until american independence was won.
who wrote the decleration of independencethomas jefferson
the proclamation of 1763 prohibited colonists from moving west of the appalachian mountain
who fought in the american revolutionpatriots and britain
the british were defeated when charles cornwallis surrendered at what battle?Battle of yorktown
two count. helped the patriots by declaring war on britain?french and spain
where did the patriot forces edure a winter of terrible suffering?valley forge
some colonists celebrated a dramatic act of protest against the tea act called theBoston tea party
what are some ways the colonists showed their disapproval of british actions?Dumped british tea into water
How did the colonial leaders use the boston massacre as propaganda?Colonial leaders used news of the killings against the british
During the american revolution who led the colonial army?George Washington
Which side did the native americans join during the revolution?british
what act lowered taxes in imported molasses?New sugar act
what act forces colonists to house british troopsquartering act
what act placed a tax on all printed materials?Stamp act
What act allowed paliament to make all decisions for the colonies?decleratory act
UnconstitutionalLaws that do not agree
partisanfavoring one side of an issue
Implied powers powers not specifically mentioned in the constitution
states rights limiting the federal government to the powers clearly assigned by the consitution
the introduction to the constitution is called Preamble
After the revolution war , congress wrote what document creating the first government?Articles of confederation
What did the new jersey plan called for each statesw representatives to be based on?equal for each state
why wer the articles of confederation ineffective?gave too much powers ,weak central government, to difficult to change
why is the bill of rights important?protect people basic rights
Why is the system of checks nad balances written into the constitutionso the branches have equal power, and not single branch has too much powers
How did the great compromise satisfy both small and large state on the questions of representation?The house representatives has representation based upon population
Rule laws uncon.Judicial
Carry out lawsExecutive
Make lawsLegislative
House of representatives and senate Legislative
Supreme courtJudicial
DemocracyRule by the people
RepublicanRule by elected officials
Forty ninnersPeople who went to cali. during the gold rush of 1849
Annexto add more territory to one's territory by force
CedeTo give up by treaty
Relocate to force a person or group of people to move
BoomtownA community experiencing a sudden growth in bussiness or population
What spurred the religious migration of the mormons to the west?Freedom, independence, safety
What country did the US purchase the louisiana territory from?Europe, France
What act relocated tribes of native americans to present day oklahoma?indian removal
What was the oregon trailAble emigrant to move to the new mexico
cause of 1812interferring of american trade, and american independence, impressment of sailors.
who led the expedition to map the louisiana territory?Lewis and Clark
In what battle did attackers shout "remember the alamo"?San Janito
Philosophu meant that the US must expand its boundaries all the way to the pacific oceanManifest destiny
Where did ppl flock to in search of quick riches?California
Ppl who migrated west looking for gold were calledForty-niners
what was the significance of the battle of the alamo?Group of texas ppl volunteer to sacrifice themselves
What wer the terms of the treaty of guadalupe hidalgoCeded new mexico
What tribes journey became known as the trail of tears?cherokee
SecedeTo leave or withdraw
Civil warA war between citizens in the same country. For example, the American Civil War was a war about Americans fighting each other because of slavery and their own self preservation.
YankeeConfederate army
Emancipate free all enslaved african americans in the south
Who started the red crossClara barton
What supreme court decision meant that the constitution protected slavery?dred scott decision
which battle began the civil war?Fort Sumter feb. 1861
Why was the admission of missouri as a slave state controversial in senate?Because they here an even number of slave and free slaves
What law required all citizens to help catch runaway slaves?fugitive slave law
which battle was considered the bloodiest battle of the civil war?Battle of Gettysburg
What was pres. lincolns main priority at the beg. of the civil war?To save the state from having a war or peace
On jan. 1 1863 Pres. lincoln signed the Emancipation proclamation
Who was a famous conductor on the underground railroad?Harriet Tubman
Who started his own newspaper called the liberatorWilliam lloyd garrison
Who change her name Sojourner truth
NorthMore industry, anti slavery
South Slave owners ,less industry
ReconstructionThe recognization and rebuilding of the former confederate states after the civil war.
FreedmenA person freed from slavery
Black Codeslaws passed in the south just after the civil war aimed at controlling freedman and plantation slave man
Segregationthe seperation or isolation of a race, class, or group
What organization helped freed afr. amer. transition into society?Freedman Bureaou
Who was accused of assinating pres. linc.John Wilkes Booth
Which amendment freed all slaves after the civil war ?amend 13
What amend. granted citizenship to all people born in the USamend 14
what amend. gave all men the right to vote?amend. 15
2 negative effect the reconstruction had on the southblack coats and vote restrictions