Readiness Exam

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Question Answer
What age do bilateral breast buds usually occur?around 9-13; if later, girl is considered to be "delayed" in puberty
Midstream urine collection: appropriate methodPrior to voiding, meatus is cleansed with an antiseptic solution; urine is then voided into a sterile container; the container must not touch glans penis or clitoris
Purpose of T Tube to drain bile from common bile duct until edema in area diminishes; keep t tube below the level of gallbladder
If t tube gets removed, what should you monitor?Urine and stools to make sure bile is not draining into liver
disulfiram, pt. education if they decide to discontinue itdo not consume alcohol for 2 weeks effects will still be present
Significant head trauma timeframe in which a client is CI for thrombolytic therapy3 months
Crohn's Disease dietlow-fat, high protein, low residue, non-irritating, high in calories & minerals
Prednisone (glucocorticoids) possible COMMON adverse effectsOsteoporosis (they decrease bone density); low serum K (therefore high serum Na)=>fluid retention
Prednisone (glucocorticoids) increase risk of what eye conditions?cataracts and glaucoma
Prednisone (glucocorticoids) do what to blood sugar?hyperglycemia and glucosuria
continuous, high pitched musical sounds heard on expirationsibilant wheezes, heard with asthma, caused by narrow bronchioles
soft, high pitched interrupted sounds heard on inspirationcrackles, heard with pneumonia & CHF, caused by fluid in alveoli
deep, low-pitched rumbling sounds heard mainly on expirationsonorous wheezes or rhonchi. Caused by mucus in airways (chronic bronchitis); excessive mucous production is primary symptom
Harsh, grating sounds hear best during inspiration pericardial friction rub, caused by inflamed pleura or pericarditis
Ginger ale and milk: high or low sodium content?High; lemonade is better option
nicotine gum actionvasoconstriction: increased rf angina/MI; increases HR and myocardial oxygen consumption
Vitamin C effect on ironenhances absorption: potatos and salads high in Vit C
MMRLIVE virus; do NOT give to immunosuppressed clients
herbal preparations are classified asDietary supplements
Ma huang contains what thing that can be dangerous for ppl with high BP?ephedra