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RCS Database

Updated 2007-04-14 09:31


Codes used in the Radia Configuration Server.

Configuration Server Methods

Question Answer
EDMMAILQDepositse-mail in the mail queue(outbox) so it can be sent to a remote system yser.
EDMMALLOAllocates an external data set (MVS only).
EDMMCACHRefreshes or disables cache
EDMMCMPRCompresses an in-storage object
EDMMCOPYCopies an in-storage object
EDMMDALO'De-allocates' an external data set (MVS only)
EDMMDBLocks and unlocks the database against all components except Radia Distributed Configuration Server.
EDMMDCLADeletes a class from the database
EDMMDELIDeletes an instance from an in-storage object
EDMMDELVDeletes a variable from all instances of an in-storage object
EDMMDINSDeletes an instance or instances from within a database class
EDMMDOBJDeletes an in-storage object
EDMMDPRODeletes an object in the PROFILE file
EDMMEXISVerfies the existence of a given class or instance in the database
EDMMGNUGRetrieves a list of local and global groups to which a specified user belongs
EDMMGPROCreates an in-storage object from the PROFILE file
EDMMNFYTExecuters a TCP/IP notification on a client


Question Answer
EDMMOLOGDisplays the contents of an in-storage object
EDMMPHISPuts an in-storage object into the HISTORY file
EDMMPPROPuts an in-storage object into PROFILE file
EDMMPROMAdds or updates an instance to the database
EDMMPUSHPuts an inbound object into a notify queue
EDMMRESOResolves specified objects
EDMMRPROAdds, updates, or deletes instances in the PRIMARY file based on the variables of an in-storage object
EDMMSORTSorts instances, by stems, of in-storage objects
EDMMSQLGImports data from an external SQL database
EDMMSQLPExports data to an external SQL database
EDMMTUCHUpdates the date/time stam of an instance
EDMMULOGUsed to write to the user log file
EDMMVDELDeletes all in-storage objects
EDMMVGBLMigrates values from one in-storage object to another and deletes the source object
EDMMXREFCros-reference class and instance usage during the object-resolution process
EDMSIGNAuthenticates users against the database
EDMSIGNRAithenticates users against external security systems
ZUPDPROFUpdates profile information, only; it does not perform any type of deleion