RBC Membrane disorders

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hereditary sphreocytosis = loss of what leading to what shape of RBCmembrane (spectrin and ankyrin) --> sphreocyte
hereditary sphreocytosis increase risk of what? (jaundice)splenomegaly, gallstone
hereditory pyropoikilocytosis = hemo whathemolysis
hereditory pyropoikilocytosis rx istransfusion or splenectomy
inheritance pattern of G6PD defx linked recessive
what is role of G6PDprotect RBC from oxidative stress
G6PD asymptomatic mostly if no trigger like med or beans but if symptomatic what symptoms? (3)splenomegaly, dark urine, jaundice
neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia path: maternal _________ attacking _________ _________ on fetal pltmaternal anitbody attacking paternal Ag on fetal plt
result of this neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopeniafetal hemorrhage
haemorrhagic disease of newborn path: what def?vit K
symptoms of hemorrhagic disease of newbornGI bleeding bruising
preventions of haemorrhagic disease of newborn for mom to be what drug: anti ___anti- convulsant
new born neutrophilia or neutropenianeutrophillia
howell jolly bodies in 1st month associated withhyposplenism

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