Raynauds, celiac disease, sjogren syndrome, psoriasis

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Question Answer
raynauds what is itexposure to cold or stress which causes vasospasm extremities (usually fingers and or toes) and turn white then blue and painful swelling when warm.
commonly used for prevention in raynaudsnifedipine calcium channel blocker.
celiac disease what is itimmune response to eating gluten. protein in wheat, barley, and rye. diarrhea, abdominal pain, and weight loss.
___ maycontain info on excipient componenets in someone allergic to glutenpackage insert. look for key words starch which will be either corn, ptoato, tapioca, or wheat. wheat=BAD!
sjogrens syndromeautoimmune disease severe dry eyes and mouth.
primary treatment for sjogrens dry eyesartificial tears. dry out during sleep ointment preferable. restasis RX can be used people no satisfactory relief from other measures.
restasis. cyclosporine emulsion dry eyessjogrens. SE burning
primary treatment for sjogrens dry mouthsugar free gum, antimicrobial mouthwash daily rinses, and salivary substitutes OTC lozenges, rinses, sprays, and swabs (plax, oralube, salivart)
pilocrapine opthalmicsjogrens dry mouth
acitretinused only in severe cases psoriasis when patient unresponsive other therapies.
apremilast-otezlaPDE4 inhibitor for psoriasis tablet. weight loss! diarhea