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Rat dissection lab

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Question Answer
anusopening to digestive tract
pinnaflap-like external ear
nictitating membraneinside the corner of the eye, protection
ethereal office most anterior opening for urinary system
vaginal officeexternal opening to female reproductive system
mamary papillae3 in the chest areas+ 3 in abdominal areas
scrotumpouch located between penis and annus
penisreproductive products+ urine exit the male body through this structure
the salivary gland that is located behind the ear and partly covering the neck is the_____________parodit
the smal salivary gland located on the submaxillary gland is the ______________sublingual
the large mandibular gland is ventral to the parodit is known as _____________________submaxilay
the glottis opens into a small voice called the __________ which is connected to a semi-rigid tube called the ____________________larynx, trachea
the thin-walled,unsupported tube that carries food and is dorsal to the trachea and larynx is the ____________________esophagus
the artery that passes trough the ventral part of the neck to the head and the brain is thecarotid artery
the vein that drains deoxygenated blood from the head to the throat is the _____________jugular vein
the heart is surrounded by a though protective membrane called the __________________serous membrane
the right lung has_______ lobes, human have______ lobes and frogs have ________ lobes4,2,3
the dark colored organ located left on the stomach is the ____________________. it functions as a storage organ for RBC's and a side for manufacturing __________________spleen, white blood cells
the organs near the stomach that appears lobular and yellowish is the ________________pancreas