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Tx for nms Benzos and fluids
Tx esophageal candidafluc. Use nystatin for oral involvement only
Hiv therapy contraindicated in pregnancyefavirenz
Leptospirosis transmissionthru urine or feces of infected animals usually rodents and small mammals
Symptoms of leptospirosishigh fever, abdominal pain, myalgia. Infrequently rash
Dengue symptomsfever, severe headache, retro orbital pain, msk pain particulrly lumbar spine (break bone fever). Nonspecific macular or maculopapular rash sparing palms soles. Prolonged fatigue after
Lab abnormalities dengueneutropenia, thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, transaminitis
Potential adverse effects of bactrimsjs, hyperkalemia, renal toxicity
Treatment for hsv encephalitisiv acyclovir x 14-21 days
MEN2A/2Bpheo + medullary thyroid cancer
associations w/craniopharyngiomapanhypopit with DI. Mass is irregular solid/cystic lesion often w/calcifications
size of thyroid nodule to biopsy>1cm diameter (bx smaller nodules if strong risk factors)

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what is suggested when there is no bleeding after progesterone challenge?low estrogen levels. pts with PCOS will usually have withdrawal bleeding after progesterone challenge due to adequate estrogen but anovulatory cycles
FSH levels in primary ovarian insufficiencylow (menopausal range)
initial tx myxedema comaIV levothyroxine + hydrocortisone
medical treatment for prolactinoma?Dopamine agonist (cabergoline)
most accurate lab version of testosterone to measure?always get AM total testosterone level if assessing for hypogonadism
iodine uptake scan in graves vs thyroiditisboth are hyperthyroid but in graves uptake is elevated (excess endogenous synthesis) and thyroiditis uptake is low