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homocystinuria has lens displaced where?inferonasally
Meesmann dystrophy has microcysts.. inheritance? path staining? location of cysts geographically and pathologically? mutation?AD, PAS+, interpalpebral epithelial, KRT3 keratin…most mildly irritated…also called ~juvenile hereditary epithelial dystrophy
Vitreous is what percent water? What kind of collagen? What else?99%, 4 mL, hyalocytes
Harada-Ito procedure does what?splits superior oblique for oblique palsy
Retriction strabismus – check IOP in upgaze for what number pressure change?5
Uveitis patients get what kind of RDs?Rhegmatogenous
Describe progression of VKH.Prodromal (flu like + meningitis like H/A, neck pain) tinnitus, dysacusis…acute uveitic stage days after prodromal
TINU uveitis is characterized how?fibrinous with PS… have high Cr, pyuria, hematuria, WBC casts
Epiblepharon is what?overriding pretarsal skin and orbic
euryblepharon is what?horizontal lenghthening and vertical shortening of palpebral fissure in blepharophimosis syndrome (ptosis too)
size of pupil needed for good HVF?2.5 mm
Unilateral scotoma with bordering photopsias has ddx of what? IBS (acute idiopathic blind-spot syndrome), MEWDS, AZOOR (has chorioretinal atrophy and pigment clumping around nerve weeks to months after onset)…ERG shows focal dysfunction in scotoma area
Which kind of corneal incision causes flattening in both the meridian and 90 degrees away?radial
when does terrien marginal degeneration start?20-40 yoa
what agents increase uveoscleral outflow?cycloplegics, atropine, adrenergic agonists nonspecific
Pilocarpine MOA for iop lowering?increase TM outflow, decrease uveoscleral outflow
What are aqueous glands? locations?wolfring (non-marginal tarsal borders), Krause (fornices)…exocrine glands
YAG laser wavelength?1064 nm
Excimer laser wavelength?193 nm
Femtosecond laser wavelength?1053 nm
macrostriae are what (lasik)?full thickness wide flap gutter causing flippage, need to refloat flap +/0 stretch
average power of cornea?43
IM SLow – lid lag muscles in TEDInf → medial → sup → lateral
anterior lenticonus in what?Alport syndrome
What is Schwartz syndrome?rise in IOP aft Reghm- RD
ICE syndrome presentation?unilateral glaucoma, middle age women
What are the ICE syndromes?chandler, cogan reese, essential iris atrophy
Types of pauci-articular arthritis?type 1 – young girls < 5 yoa (chronic uveitis), ANA+… Type 2 older boys tend to have HLA-B27+, acute and recurrent uveitis
Stromal dystrophy that is autosomal dominant with arcus and sub-epi crystals?schnyder…gene is UBIAD1
what hair follicle lesion compares to verruca?tricholemmoma
inability to elevate the adducted eye is what? associations?BROWN syndrome short superior oblique tendon, traumatic, idiopathic orbital inflammation, RA, sjogrens
posterior polar cataracts should have PC separation how?hydrodeliniation
myiasis – fly maggots – do what to eye?ocular surface disease
Differentiate phacomorphic glaucoma from phacolytic from phacoantigenic?phacolytic without KP with lens laden macrophages in shit..phacoantigenic with KPs, phacomorphic with shallow AC
COMS showed what for large tumors?EBRT did not help on top of enucleation
Benign upper lateral brow masses in children are likely?epidermoid/dermoid cysts at frontozygomatic suture or from frontoethmoidal suture
Thickest part of sclera is what and where?Optic nerve head 1 mm
ablation depth equation isoptic zone in mm squared x (diopters of myopia/3)
MARKING Large Fuching Edematous nervesMEN IIB, acanthomeba, refsum, keratoconus, icthyosis, neurofibromatosis, glaucoma, leprosy, fuchs corneal dystrophy, edema
dermoid cyst occurs where?superotemporal
where do epibulbar dermoids occur geographically?inferotemp.. induces plus cyl astigmatism 90 degrees away
difference between oblate and prolate?oblate is less steep centrally
correcting hyperopia with lasik makes the cornea more prolate or oblate?prolate – steepens it MORE
correcting an eye with lasik makes it more oblate…what have you done centrally?flattened, making it more oblate
when does embryonic fissure close?5th week gestation
typical coloboma of iris is in what quadrant?inferonasal
atypical coloboma is associated with what?nothing…. fibrovascular remnant of anterior hyaloid
typical coloboma is associated with what?coloboma of ciliary body, choroid, retina, optic nerve
acute post-cataract endophthalmitis happens when?3-10 days after surgery
tocic anterior segment syndrome occurs when? findings?24 hrs…idk
normal diameters of newborn cornea?9.5 – 10.5 mm, normal in 12 month old is 10-11.5
lacrimal glands of henle and manz produce what?mucin layer conj goblet cells
Zeiss gland function?lipid
what pattern does superior oblique dysfunction do?V pattern
pleomorphic adenoma can be found here, clinical characteristics?
which NF has increased risk of glaucoma?NF-1 plexiform upper eye lid
main early finding in NF2?PSC cataract
components of lateral orbital wallgreater wing and zygomatic
components of orbital rooffrontal, lesser wing
components of orbital floorgreater wing of palatine, maxillary, zygomatic
components of orbital medial walllesser sphenoid, ethmoid, maxillary, lacrimal
Lofgren legs erythema nodosumsarcoid
Heerfordt syndrome is what?uveoparotid bilateral
aim to patients nupple to hit the nasolacrimal ductok
rubella cataract has live virus in it and shows what pathologically?retained lens fiber nuclei
whats in original AREDS formula?vitamin C, Vitamin E, zinc oxide, beta carotene, cupric oxide


Question Answer
SMEL near the nosesphenoid, maxilla, ethomid, lacrimal


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load in phaco is what?amound of surface area of nuclear material in contact with tip
duty cycle is what?proportion of time phaco energy is applied during specified period of time
cavitation is what?formation of bubbles at tip to result in lens breakdown
power is what in phaco?percentage of length the phaco tup moves relative to the maximal possible length.

genetic associations

Question Answer
axenfeld riegerPITX2 or FOXC1
juvenile onset glaucomaGLC1A aka MYOC
PXE glaucoma LXL1
Normal tension glaucomaOPTN1
congenital glaucomaCYP1B1 (Cyp450, GLC3A, GLC3B, GLC3C)

nystagmus associations

Question Answer
downbeatcervicomedullary junction, FLOCCULUS
see-sawparasellar (craniopharyng), midbrain
Periodic alternating nystgamus?cervicomedullar junction, cerebellar NODULUS
upbeatcerebellum, medulla, midbrain
spasmus nutansno tumor