Random Drugs GI U4

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Question Answer
Can cause OdynaphagiaTetracyclines
How does Ranitidine work?It blocks the H2 receptor, lowers acid production
How do proton pump inhibitors work?Block the H+/K+ ATPase directly
What is Omeprazole?A proton pump inhibitor
What drug is an agonist for motilin?Erythromycin and its derivatives.
What is triple therapy for H pylori?Bismuth/metronidazole/(amoxicillin or tetracycline)
What does Atropine do?a muscarinic blocker, inhibits acetylcholine effect in GI. Constipation, Dry mouth (salivation), Urinary retention, Dry Eyes (lacrimation)
Hexamethonium?Blocks both Sympathetic and Parasympathetics, by blocking nicotinic receptors. Formerly used to treat hypertension.
What is octreotide?A analog of somatostatin that is used to find the gastrinomas in Zollinger Ellison syndrome?
What medication can be provided to reduce the bleeding from ulcers by reducing splanchnic blood flow?Octreotide
What medication can be used to sequester cholesterol and prevent choleretic diarrhea?Cholesteryamine
What medication can be used to treat C. DiffFidaxomicin, Oral Vancomycin, Flagyl (metronidazole) or Fecal Transplant.
What medication is used to Crigler Najjar?Phenobarbital by inducing uridyl-glucoronide transferases (UGT), only Type II, Type is fatal
What is Bromsulphalein used for?A dye that is used to diagnose Dubin Johnson Syndrome
What is ursodeoxycholic acid used to treat?treats Primary Biliary Cirrhosis by improving bile flow.
What drug is used in for diagnosing Wilson's disease by binding copper for urinary excretion?Penicillamine
What drug is used to prevent absorption of copper?Zinc Acetate
What drug is used to increase secretion of copper?trientine
What is desferoxamine used for?Iron chelation therapy in hematochromatosis
What is used to treat encephalopathy?Lactulose (which increases NH4 secretion by acidifying the gut ) and rifaximin.

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