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Section 1

Question Answer
Boot shaped heartTOF
Egg in cupConstrictive Pericarditis
Egg on side/egg shaped heartTGA (d)
Convex left heart borderTGA (L)
Straight left upper cardiac borderEbstein's
Concanve main pulm segmentPersistent truncus arteriosus
Snowman, figure of 8, Cottage leafTAPVC
Kerley B,Backward esophagusMS
Main PA, MitralizationMS
inf rib notchingCoarctation of Aorta
Sup rib notchingHyperparathy, Connective tissue
'3' signCoA

Section 2

Question Answer
Rim/crescent signHydroneph
Soap bubble appHydronephrosis
Spider LeggingPCKD
Flower Vase ureterHorse shoe kidney
Drooping lily/flowerEctopic Ureter
Cobra headUreterocoele
Thimble bladderTB
Sandy patchesSchistosomiasis
Fish hookBPH

Section 3

Question Answer
Cavitary lesionsTB, Sq C Ca, Fungal, Staph
MiliaryInfections, Mets, Dust, HMD
Elevated HemidiaphragmB/L Diaphragm palsy
Delayed epi,large fontanelle, Wormian bones,multiple ossif fociHypothyroid
Snowstorm appHydatid mole
Spina VentosaTubercular Dactylitis
x ray skull-Cotton wool spotsPaget's ds of bone

Section 4

Question Answer
MRI-hippocampal AtrophyAlzheimer's disease
Candle dripping signSubependymal Giant cell Astrocytoma
Batwing deformity of ventriclesCorpus Callosum Agenesis
Serpentine/Railroad track calcificationSturge-Weber
Crescent shapedSDH
Biconvex lens shapedEDH
Hyperdense on MRIAcute
Hypodense on MRIChronic
Erosion of Dorsum SellaEarliest sign on raised ICT

Section 5

Question Answer
Angio-String of beadsFibromscular dysplasia
Tree Bark/ Linear calcif of aortaSyph
Cardiomegaly + Pulmonary PlethoraL --> R shunts
Pruning of pulmonary vasculatureEisenmenger's
Halo rimDeep Aspergillosis
Crew haircutSCA, Thal
Fish mouth vertebraeSca, Thal
Hair on endSca, H.S., Thal, G6PD

Section 6

Question Answer
Rat tailCa Esophagus
Beak sign, Tram trackCHPS
CT-Medusa head coloniesRound worm
Target/ Coiled/ MeniscusIntususseption
Coffee BeanSigmoid Volvulus
Lead pipeUC
Ba enema-Saw toothDiverticulosis
Apple CoreCa Colon
Polo mint, tram trackPulm Embolism

Section 7

Question Answer
Thumb printingIschaemic Colitis
Thumb SignEpiglotittis
Onion SkinEwings > OGS
Sunray, Codman'sOGS>Ewings
Bull'e eyeCrohn's
Popcorn CalcificationFibroadenoma
X ray-Mercedes Benz signGall stone
USG-Cart wheel appHydatid Cyst
Double heart border + subcarinal angleLA
Bull's eye-chestBenign Pulm nodule
Bedford signLeft shift of aorta(MS)