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Question Answer
which method we use in ischemic strokeCT without contrast
which method we use in lipomaT1
which method we use in malignant lesion
which method we use in hemorrhagechronic MRI, acute CT
feature of epidural hematomalens capsule
feature of subdural hematoma on MRIhyperdense sulci
appearance of edema in FLAIR methodwhite
MRI common used contrast mediagadolinium
ring enhancing lesion ddxMAGIC DR - metastasis, abscess, glioblastoma, infarct, contusion, demyelinating disease, radiation necrosis
lesion located in cerebellopontine angleacoustic Schwannoma or meningioma
Gadolinium A.E.Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis, calcifications in the brain
Ultrasound nomenclaturehypo/hyper echoic
MRI nomenclatureHigh/low signal
CT nomenclaturehyper/hypo dens
X-ray nomenclaturelucency/opacity, High/low attenuation
Hemangioma of liver on CThypodens structure
renal carcinoma gives (what kind of metastasis)osteolytic lesions (dark)
prostatic carcinoma gives (what kind of metastasis)sclerotic lesions (bright)
imaging method to detect neurogenerative disordersMRI FLAIR
Regular chest X-ray projectionPA
Musculosceletal X-ray projectionAP
plamistość kościosteopetrosis
feature of hiatal hernia on X-raySchatzki ring