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Meniscus/moon/air crescent /double arch sign/combo sign/water lilly/Calmalotte sign/serpent sign /rising sun sign/empty cyst signHydatid cyst of lung
Popcorn calcificationHamartoma , Mediastinal nodes of histoplasmosis
Werstermark sign, Hampton's hump, Palla sign , Fleischner lines, Felson signPulmonary thromboembolism
Sail sign , Mulvay sign, Notch signThymic enlargement
Comet tail sign Rounded Atelectasis
Golden S signRight upper lobe collapse secondary to a central mass
Luftsichel sign , Broncholobar signLeft Upper lobe collapse
Ring around artery sign, Continuous diaphragm sign, Tubular artery sign, Double bronchial wall sign, V Sign of Naclerio, Spinnaker sail signPneumo mediastinum
Deep sulcus sign , Visceral pleural linePneumothorax
Thumb signEpiglottitis
Steeple signCroup
Air crescent sign, MONOD SignAspergilloma
Bulging Fissure Sign Klebsiella Pneumonia
Batwing sign on CXRPulmonary oedema
Collar sign, Dependent viscera signDiaphragmatic rupture
Feeding vessel signPulmonary Septic emboli
Finger in Glove SignABPA
Halo signAspergillosis
Head Cheese signSubacute Hypersensitivity pneumonitis
Juxtaphrenic peak signRight Upper Lobe Atelectasis
Reversed HALO SignCryptogenic organized pneumonia
Saber sheath signCOPD
Sandstorm lungsAlveolar microlithiasis
Signet ring signBronchiectasis
Superior triangle signRight Lower Lobe Atelectasis
Split Pleura SignEmpyema
Tree in Bud sign on HRCTEndobronchial spread in TB

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