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FARADAY CAGEPrevent the passage of electromagnetic waves, Contain Mu-copper foils which can be applied as wallpapers.
Contrast used in CTIOHEXOL(nonionic),Metrizamide-NOT USED NOW
Dye of choice for MyelographyIOPAMIDOL
Pindborg tumourCalcifying Epithelial Odontogenic Tumour(CEOT)
MCC of intracranial calcificationPineal body calcification
MC endocrine abnormality following intracranial radiotherapy Growth hormone deficiency
MC calcifying brain tumour in child Craniopharyngioma followed by Oliodendroglioma
Suprasellar calcification with cystic appearanceCraniopharyngioma
MC Malignant abdominal neoplasm in children Wilm's tumour(NEPHROBLASTOMA)
MC malignancy in childrenLeukemia>Brain tumours>Nephroblastoma
MC solid renal neoplasm in neonatesMesoblastic nephroma
MC renal mass in childhoodHydronephrosis>multicystic dysplastic kidney>nephroblastoma
Brown's tumour (M/C IN MANDIBLE),Subperiosteal erosion(Hallmark),Salt pepper appearance & Basket work appearanceHyperparathyroidism
William's syndrome/Idiopathic Hypercalcemia of MalignancySupravalvular aortic stenosis,Mental retardation,Elfin facies(round face with full cheeks and lips)
Emergency radiotherapy is given in Neoplastic cardiac tamponade,Acute epidural spinal cord compression,Tumour lysis syndrome,Severe Hypercalcemia,SVC Syndrome
MC Radiation induced secondary cancer Leukemia
MC radiation induced secondary cancer following treatment for head and neck cacersThyroid cancer
Neutron beams are more effective in treating Salivary Gland tumours
Soap bubble appearance in abdominal X-ray Meconium ileus
Soap bubble appearance in Head CTCryptococcal meningitis
Soap bubble appearance in X-RayOsteoclastoma
Puffed rice appearance on CT scan HEADNeurocysticercosis
Soap bubble cerebral calcification in HEAD CTTOXOPLASMOSIS(congenital)

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