Radiology - Osteoblastic

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Question Answer
Rare sclerosing mesenchymal dysplasiaMelorheostosis of Leri
Linear bands of dense bone with unknown etiologyOsteopathia Striata
Hereditary disorder of abnormal bone production possibly the result of an enzyme deficiency (defective carbonic anhydrase function)Osteopetrosis
Rare disorder producing multiple round or oval opacities formed by local condensation of the spongiosaOsteopoikilosis
Mature compact cortical bone within the cancellous bone/spongiosaCompact Bone Island


Question Answer
Radiologic Feature of Melorheostosis of LeriWavy or streaked cortical thickening initially involving the end of bones and progressing towards the center
Radiologic Feature of Osteopathia StriataSunburst Effect in the ilium, and Celery Stalk in the long bones
Radiologic Feature of OsteopetrosisBone-within-a-Bone, Erlenmyer flask deformity, "sandwich vertebra"
Radiologic Feature of Osteopoikilosismultiple radio-dense areas of uniform density that may be a transient finding
Radiologic Feature of Compact Bone IslandsBrush border secondary to radiating bony streaks ("thorny radiation")


Question Answer
Also known as flowing hyperostosis Melorheostosis of Leri
Also known as Voorhoeve's DiseaseOsteopathia Striata
Also known as Albers- Schonberg's DiseaseOsteopetrosis
Also known as Osteopathia Condensans DessiminataOsteopoikilosis
Also known as EnostosisCompact Bone Islands


Question Answer
Clinical Feature of Melorheostosis of Leribone scans demonstrate increased uptake of radionucleotide
Clinical Feature of Osteopathia Striatausually seen with other sclerosing dysplasias
Clinical Feature of Osteopetrosis2 variants - congenita (malignant form) and tarda (benign form)
Clinical Feature of Osteopoikilosisconcurrent dermatological problems such as dermatofibrosis, scleroderma, or syndactyly and no uptake of radionucleotide on bone scan
Clinical Feature of Compact Bone Islandsno uptake of radionucleotide on bone scan which helps differentiate from osteoid osteoma