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Question Answer
vertebra plana eosinophilc granuloma
rugger jersey spineosteopetrosis,osteodystrophy due to CRF
fish mouth vertebraHomocystinuria, sickle cell anaemia
cod mouth vertebraosteoporosis,osteomalacia & hyperparathyroidism
picture frame vertebra,candle flame appearance , cotton wool or osteoporosis circumscripta or blade of grass lysisPaget's Disease
calcification of intervertebral discAlkaptonuria
Joint space narrowing , subchondral sclerosis, osteophytes, subchondral cysts; HIPS-Superior or medial narrowing ; KNEES-Early narrowing on ROSENBERG views; Flattening of femoral condylesOSTEOARTHRITIS
Uniform joint narrowing , Erosion near joint capsuleRheumatoid arthritis or SLE
Osteopenia, Osteophytes, Ankylosis of Sacroiliac jointsAnkylosing spodylitis
Tophi, ErosionsGout
Calcification of menisci and hyaline cartilage Calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease
Crescent sign, spotty calcificationOsteonecrosis
Erlenmeyer flask appearance, distal femurGaucher disease
Four D's Destruction,Debris , Dislocation, Densification (Sclerosis, Hypertrophy)Neuropathic joints
Epiphyseal widening , Sclerosis , cysts, joint space narrowing Hemophilic arthropathy
Rugger jersey spine/Brown tumours/Pepper pot skull/Subperiosteal Resorption of PhalangesHyperparathyroidism

Section 2

Question Answer
Romana's sign(EARLIEST), Bamboo sign, Squaring of vertebra ,Anderson lesion,Dagger's sign, Trolley track sign, Rosary bead appearance, Star sign , Enthesitis , Sacroileitis, Marginal syndesmophytes, Squaring of vertebraeAnkylosing Spondylitis/ MARIE STRUMPELL DISEASE
Gull's wing / Angel wing appearance Erosive Osteoarthritis
Shiny corner signAnkylosing spondylitis
Pseudo shiny corner sign Degenerative spondylosis
Waldenstrom signOsteoarthritis hip
Patellar tooth signPatella femoral joint Osteoarthritis
Movie sign Chondromalacia patellae
Licked Candy Stick appearance Jigsaw vertebra, Tumbling building block spineAtrophic neuropathic arthritis
Migrating mouse sign , Apple core deformity of hip Synovio-chondro-metaplasia
Cocktail sausage digit, spindle digit, ivory phalanx,Pencil in cup/ PESTLE AND MORTAR/Mushroom and stem , balancing pagoda , cup in saucer appearance , opera glass hand , whittling effect ,mouse ears signPsoriatic arthropathy
Bone in bone appearance ,Sandwich vertebra, Rugger Jersey spine , Erlenmeyer flask deformityosteopetrosis
Flowing candlewax appearanceMelorrhosteosis
Hot cross bun skullCleido cranial dysplasia
Paired posterior iliac hornsNail patella syndrome
Elephant ears,Mickey Mouse Ears,ClinodactylyDowns syndrome
Bare orbit , Empty orbit signNeurofibromatosis 1
Hook shaped vertebral bodies, Cut Corner signMPS I / Hurler syndrome
Central beaking of vertebra, Ape like PelvisMPS IV/ Morquio Syndrome
Steinberg signMarfan syndrome
Pelkan spur and Subperiosteal hemorrhage/ Pencil thin cortex/ Corner sign of Parke/Trummerfield zone of rarefaction(Radiolucent zone due to lack of mineralization of osteoid)/ White line of Frenkel(Radiodense calcification at grrowing metaphyseal end)/ WIMBERGER SIGN(Small epiphysis marginated by sclerotic rim)Scurvy
Epiphyseal widening , Cupped and Frayed MetaphysisRickets
Epiphyseal enlargement with squaring and angulationJuvenile chronic Arthritis
Epiphyseal dysgenesis , Punctate / Fragmented epiphysisHypothyroidism
Looser Zone/ Lines,Milkmans Fracture, Osteoid Seams,Increment Fracture,UMBAU ZONESOsteomalacia
Penumbra signBrodie's abcess
Inverted Napolean Hat sign,Gendarme's cap sign,Bowline of Brailsford, Broken collar/Neck of Scotty dog, SCOTTISH TERRIER SIGNSpondylolisthesis
Button Sequestrum ,Floating Teeth sign, Hole within hole appearanceHistiocytosis X
Swan neck deformity,Boutonniere deformity,Hitch Hiker Thumb ,Hammer toesRheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
Trident hand ,Tomb stone iliac bone,CHEURON SignAchondroplasia

Section 3

Question Answer
Rugger jersey spineosteopetrosis, osteodystrophy due to CRF
Fish mouth vertebra homocystinuria , Sickle cell anaemia
cod mouth vertebraosteoporosis,osteomalacia & hyperparathyroidism
Picture frame vertebra Paget's disease
Calcificaion of intervertebral discAlkaptonuria
Bamboo spine ,Squaring of vertebra,Marginal syndesmophytesAnkylosing spondylitis
Inferiorly beaked vertebraMPS I /Hurler syndrome
Centrally beaked VertebraMPS IV/ Morquio's syndrome
Pear shaped vertebraSpondylo epiphyseal dysplasia congenita
Hump shaped vertebra, Heaped up vertebraSpondylo-epiphyseal dysplasia tarda
Biconcave lens vertebraOsteogenesis imperfecta
Spool shaped vertebraPyknodysostosis
Bullet nose vertebraAchondroplasia
Vertebra with Central anterior tonguesPseudo chondroplasia
H shaped VertebraThanatophoric dwarfism