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Cortical bonedense outer layer of bone, radiopaque
cancellous bone The soft, spongy bone located between two layers of dense cortical bone, radiolucent
marrow spacesradiolucent

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Prominences of bone that appear radiopaqueProcess Ridge Spine Tubercle Tuberosity
spaces and depressions in bone that appear radiolucent Canal Foramen Fossa Sinus

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SeptumA bony wall or partition that divides two spaces or cavities, radiopaque
sutureLine marking the fusion of 2 bones (will see the median palatine on radiographs), radiolucent

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Maxillaarticulates with all other bones of the face
maxilla formsFloor of the orbit of the eye, Sides and floor of the nasal cavities, Hard palate
landmarks of the maxillaincisive foramen, median palatine suture, lateral fossa, nasal cavity, nasal septum, floor of the nasal cavity, anterior nasal spine, inferior nasal conchae, maxillary sinus, septa with maxillary sinus, nutrient canals, inverted Y, maxillary tuberosity, hamulus, zygomatic process of the maxilla, zygoma,

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landmarks of the mandiblegenial tubercles, lingual foramen, nutrient canals, mental ridge, mental fossa, mental foramen, mandibular canal, mylohyoid ridge/ internal oblique ridge, external oblique ridge, anterior border of the ramus, submandibular fossa, coronoid process,
mandiblelargest and strongest part of the face; three main parts: ramus, body, alveolar process
ramusVertical portion found posterior to the third molar
bodyHorizontal U-shaped portion from ramus to ramus
alveolar processEncases and supports the teeth

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incisive foramen descriptionopening lingual to the maxillary central incisors
incisive foramen appearanceradiolucent, between the roots of maxillary centrals
lateral fossa descriptiondepressed area of the maxilla located between the canine and lateral incisor
lateral fossa appearancea radiolucent area between the maxillary canine and lateral incisors
median palatine suture description fusion of maxillary bones
median palatine suture appearance thin radiolucent line between the maxillary central incisors
nasal cavity description AKA nasal fossa, A pear-shaped compartment of bone located superior to the maxilla
nasal cavity appearanceRadiolucent area above the maxillary incisors
nasal septum description Bony wall that divides the nasal cavity into the right and left nasal fossae
nasal septum appearnaceA vertical radiopaque partition that divides the nasal cavity

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floor of nasal cavity description A bony wall of the nasal cavity
floor of nasal cavity appearance A dense radiopaque band above the maxillary incisors
anterior nasal spine description A sharp projection of the maxilla located at the anterior and inferior portion of the nasal cavity
anterior nasal spine appearanceA V-shaped radiopaque area located at the intersection of the floor of the nasal cavity and the nasal septum
Inferior Nasal Conchae description Thin, curved plates of bone that extend from the lateral walls of the nasal cavity
inferior nasal conchae appearanceRadiopaque mass or projection within the nasal cavity

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maxillary sinus description Compartments of bone located within the maxilla above the maxillary premolar and molar teeth
maxillary sinus appearance A radiolucent area located above the apices of the maxillary premolars and molars
Septa within the Maxillary Sinus description Bony walls that divide the maxillary sinus into compartments
Septa within the Maxillary Sinus appearnaceRadiopaque lines within the maxillary sinus
Nutrient Canals description Tubelike passageways through bone that contain blood vessels and nerves
nutrient canals appearance A narrow radiolucent band bounded by two thin radiopaque lines

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inverted Y description the intersection of the maxillary sinus and the nasal cavity
inverted Y appearance Radiopaque upside-down Y formed by the intersection of the nasal cavity and the anterior border of the maxillary sinus Located above the maxillary canine
maxillary tuberosity description A rounded prominence of bone that extends posterior to the third molar region
maxillary tuberosity appearance A radiopaque bulge distal to the third molar region
Hamulus description Hooklike projection of bone extending from the medial pterygoid plate of the sphenoid bone
hamulus appearance Radiopaque hooklike projection posterior to the maxillary tuberosity area

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zygomatic process of maxilla description A bony projection of the maxilla that articulates with the zygoma
zygomatic process of maxilla appearance A J- or U-shaped radiopacity located superior to the maxillary first molar region, right side backwards J or U - left side J or U
Zygoma description Articulates with the zygomatic process of the maxilla
zygoma appearance Radiopaque band extending posteriorly from the zygomatic process of the maxilla

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genial tubercles description Tiny bumps of bone on the lingual aspect of the mandible
genial tubercles appearance A ring-shaped radiopacity below the apices of the mandibular incisors
lingual foramen descriptionA tiny opening in bone on the internal surface of the mandible
lingual foramen appearance A small radiolucent dot inferior to the apices of the mandibular incisors Appears in the center of the genial tubercles
nutrient canals description Tubelike passageways through bone containing nerves and blood vessels
nutrient canals appearance Vertical radiolucent lines with a radiolucent border
metal ridge description Prominence of cortical bone located on the external surface of the anterior portion of the mandible
mental ridge appearanceA thick radiopaque band that extends from the premolar region to the incisor region
mental fossa description Depressed area of bone located on the external surface of the anterior mandible
mental fossa appearance A radiolucent area above the mental ridge

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mental foramen descriptionAn opening in bone on the external surface of the mandible in the premolar region
mental foramen appearanceA small round radiolucent area located in the apical region of the mandibular premolars
mandibular canal description A tubelike passageway that travels the length of the mandible
mandibular canal appearance A radiolucent band outlined by two thin radiopaque lines that represent the cortical walls of the canal
Mylohyoid Ridge/Internal Oblique Ridge description A linear prominence of bone located on the internal surface of the mandible
Mylohyoid Ridge/Internal Oblique Ridge appearance Radiopaque band that extends downward and forward from the molar region
External Oblique Ridge descriptionA linear prominence of bone located on the external surface of the ramus-crosses over the roots
External Oblique Ridge appearnaceA radiopaque band that extends downward and forward

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anterior border of the ramus descriptionExtends vertically from coronoid process to external oblique ridge
anterior border of the ramus appearanceSlight radiopaque vertical band posterior to molars Seen on BWX
Submandibular Fossa descriptionDepressed area of bone located on the internal surface of the mandible inferior to the mylohyoid ridge
submandibular fossa appearance A radiolucent area in the molar region below the mylohyoid ridge
coronoid process descriptionA marked prominence of bone on the anterior ramus of the mandible- Mandibular Landmark, But Appears On Maxillary Molar PA
coronoid process appearanceTriangular radiopacity inferior to the maxillary tuberosity region

Section 14

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dentinless radiopaque
dentinoenamel junctionjunction of the dentin and enamel
pulp cavity and chamberradiolucent
lamina durathin radiopaque line around the root of the tooth
periodontal ligament spacein between root and lamina dura- radiolucent line (dark area) follows the lamina dura- where the PDL are
trabecular bonespongy appearance of cancellous bone
alveolar crest 1.5 to 2 mm below CEJ, Anterior Pointed, Posterior Flat

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