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Question Answer
Rim /Crescent sign and soap bubble appearance Hydronehrosis
Flower vase appearance of ureterHorse shoe kidney
Yo yo phenomenonDuplex ureter of kidney
Putty kidney ,Autonephrectomy , Moth eaten appearance ,Kerr's kink, Irregular cavity, Phantom calyxTB Kidney
Corkscrew ureter,Beaded ureter, Pipe stem ureterTB Ureter
Golf hole ureterTB Bladder
Thimble bladderTB(Tubercular) / Chronic Cystitis
Cobra head appearnace /Adder head/Spring onion appearanceUreterocoele
Drooping flower appearanceEctopic ureter
Sandy patchesSchistosomiasis of bladder
Chalice / BERGMAN signUreteric dilatation distal to neoplasm
Fish hook bladderBPH
B/L Spider leg appearance, Swiss cheese/ Black nephrogram Autosomal dominant Polycystic kidney
Sunburst nephrogram/Patchy chaotic nephrogramAutosomal recessive Polycystic kidney
Bunch of flowers appearance,Paintbrush appearanceMedullary sponge kidney
Edling sign,Malignant stricture of distal ureterPseudoureterocoele
Wind in the sail appearance,Keyhole appearancePosterior urethral valves
Sunburst appearance,Bladder in bladder appearance,Molar tooth signExtraperitoneal bladder rupture
Nubbin signReflux nephropathy involving the lower pole of a duplicated collecting system
Goblet sign, BERGMAN'S coiled catheter signUreteral transitional cell carcinoma
Egg in cup appearance ,Signet ring sign on IVU, Lobster claw sign on IVU, Ball on Tree signon IVUAnalgesic nephropathy causing papillary necrosis
Renal fascia signAcute renal artery occlusion