Radiology- Introduction to Interpretation

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Section 1

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interpretto offer an explanation
interpretationan explanation
image interpreationan explanation of what is viewed on a dental image
diagnosisidentification of a disease by examination of analysis

Section 2

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guidelines for interpretationthe dental radiographer must know who can interpret dental images, the difference between interpretation and diagnosis, when and where images are interpreted, and how to use interpretation to educate the dental patient
who interprets any dental professional with training in interpretation can examine films
criteria/conditions in image interpretationnormal anatomy, dental caries, periodontal disease, traumatic injuries, periapical lesions, pathology, existing conditions
interpretation vs. diagnosisinterpretation is an explanation of what is viewed on an image; diagnosis is the identification of disease by examination or analysis and can only be done by doctor

Section 3

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clinic protocol will be providing treatment to patients before we radiograph in the first half of the first semester because we will be taking radiology at the same time once we reach summer- the radiographs will be taken before treatment if possible
interpretation in patient educationuse them to show dif levels of bone or to locate calculus or to show pt the levels of calculus before and after