Radiology-Exposure and technique errors

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ethical responsibilityto produce the most diagnostic radiograph possible to minimize the amount of retakes necessary, making sure to follow our guidelines on exposure time and technique
rationale on why we should know different errorsNo radiograph should be retaken until a thorough investigation reveals the exact cause of the error and the appropriate corrective action is identified
clear or blank image causeSensor or PSP backwards No exposure on film
black image causehappens when film is exposed to light
dark image causetoo high exposure settings
light images causenot enough exposure settings

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apical structures missing causeReceptor too low Maxilla Receptor too high Mandible Patient not biting on bite block Vertical angulation
Dropped receptor corner/Tilted occlusal plane cause Receptor not parallel to occlusal plane
overlapping causehorizontal angulation is off
elongation causevertical angulation is off- too little
foreshortened causevertical angulation is off- too much
cone cut causebeam alignment device not put together correctly the PID and the receptor were not lighted up (center of the beam not centered with the receptor)
coronal structures missing causeimproper receptor vertical angulation

Section 3

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anterior structure missing on premolar bitewing causereceptor too far back
posterior structure missing on molar bitewing causereceptor too far forward
overlapping on molar bitewing- causehorizontal angulation off
too much apices on molar bitewing-causevertical angulation off
conecut on molar bitewing causePID not positioned properly

Section 4

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black marks causecreases, or bending the film, or pt. biting on the film
Phalangioma causefinger in image (holding the receptor)
double image causefilm or PP only- used the same film twice
poor definition causeblurry from movement
reversed image causefilm based, occurs when the film packet is backwards
identification dot placed incorrectly causedot placed incorrectly- not placed "dot in the slot"
artifacts causejewelry, partial denture, glasses, thyroid collar
film fog causeradiation, light leakage, safelight, watches, cell phone, heat, humidity, chemicals too hot, old film
electric noise causeexposure settings too low in digital film

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