Radiology; Abdomen Positioning

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AP Abdomen is the same as?KUB
KUB stands for?Kidneys Ureters Bladder
KUB IR size?14x17 LW or CW
KUB SID?40 in
KUB CR?At iliac crest
KUB Patient Position?Supine
KUB BreathingExpiration
KUB AnatomyKidneys, liver, spleen, stomach, symphysis pubis, bladder
No rotationiliac wings, ischial spines, outer rib equal distance from spine
Elongated=rotation on that side
KUB used for?bowel obstruction, calsifications, and neoplasm
KV Abdomen70-80

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Lateral Decub Abdomen IR size?14x17 LW
LDA SID?40 in
LDA CR?2" above iliac crest
LDA Patient Position?Laying on side, knees on top of eachother
LDA Patient in position for how long?5 min.
LDA Breathing?Expiration
LDA AnatomyStomach, bowel, diaphragm, psoas, air fluid levels
No rotationiliac wings, outer rib margins equal distance from spine
Why is left most preferred?To keep free air away from stomach
LDA used for?air fluid levels

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AP Erect Abdomen IR size?14x17 LW or CW
EA SID?40 in.
EA CR?2" above iliac crest; top of IR at axillary
EA Patient Position?Erect, weight evenly distributed, arms at sides
EA Patient in position for how long?5 min.
EA Breathing?Expiration
EA AnatomyStomach, bowels, air fluid levels, diaphragm
No rotationiliac wings, outer rib equal distance from spine, spine straight
EA used for?Masses, air fluid levels

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Dorsal Decub Abdomen IR size?14x17 CW
DD SID?40 in
DD CR?2" above iliac crest
DD Patient Position?Supine, side against IR, arms up
DD Breathing?Expiration
DD AnatomyDiaphragm, lower abdomen,stomach, bowels
No rotationASIS same distance from table, Superimposed ribs, iliac wings
DD used for?Calcification of aorta, aneurysm, umbilical hernia

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Lateral Abdomen IR size?14x17 LW
LA SID?40in
LA CR?At iliac crests
LA Patient Position?lateral recumbent position
LA Breathing?Expiration
No rotationSuperimposed ribs, iliac wings and bilateral asis
LA used for?Foreign bodies, calcification of aorta, aneurysm, hernia

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Why is a PA projection not usually used for the Abdomen?Increased OID (mag.) Kidneys are far away
When is a PA projection used for an Abdomen?Less dose for female (pregnant)
If you cannot do an AP Erect what do you do?Decub
To shorten exposure time what do you need to do?Increase mA
Intussusceptioninfants, intestines telescope into eachother
VolvulousTwisting of intestines

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What is an acute abdominal series?AP Supine, Erect or Lateral Decub, PA chest
Clinical indicationsIleus, perforated hollow viscus, ascites, intra abdominal mass, post Op, infections
Ileussm. bowel obstruction
Perforated hollow viscusbowel or stomach evident by free air

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