Radiology; Abdomen Anatomy

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Acute Abdomen Series 2 way and 3 way
Acute Abdomen Series 2 wayAP Supine (KUB) and AP Erect or decub
Acute Abdomen Series 3 wayPA chest

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3 major abdominal musclesDiaphragm, and two psoas muscles
DiaphragmDivides thoracic from abdominal
Psoas muscleslocated on either side of the lumbar vertebrae

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Digestive SystemOral cavity, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, sm. & lg. intestines
Accessory Glands for digestionLiver, Gallbladder, Pancreas
Digestive Organs in abdominal cavityStomach, sm. intestines, and lg. intestines
Sm. Intestines have 3 partsDuodenum, jejunum, ileum
DuodenumShortest & Widest
JejunumMiddle 2/5
Duodenal bulbProximal section of duodenum
Ileocecal valveValve between distal ileum and cecum of lg. intestines where sm. ends
Spleenlymphatic system
PancreasEndo & Exo crine System (Insulin)
LiverLargest solid organ, produce bile
Gallbladderbehind liver, store and concentrate bile
Romance of the Abdomenhead of pancreas, in C loop of duodenum

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Urinary systemkidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra
Adrenal glands locatedsit on top of kidney
Which kidney is lower and why?Right is lower because of the liver

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PeritoneumDouble walled membrane that covers organs in abdomen
Parietalouter layer of peritoneum
Visceralinner layer of peritoneum
MesenteryDouble fold of peritoneum (blood and lymph vessels) holds sm. intestines into place
OmentumDouble fold of peritoneum extending from stomach
Lesser omentumExtends from lesser curvature to liver
Greater omentum"fatty apron" connects transverse colon to greater curvature of stomach
MesocolonPeritoneum that attaches colon to wall

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Retroperitoneal organsbehind , close to posterior wall
Retroperitoneal organs exampleskidney, ureter, pancreas
Infraperitoneal organsbelow peritoneum
Infraperitoneal organs examplesbladder, reproductive organs
Intraperitoneal organs in peritoneum
Intraperitoneal organs examplesliver, gallbladder, spleen, stomach
4 quadrantsRUQ, RLQ, LUQ, LLQ
RUQLiver, gallbladder
RLQileocecal valve, appendix, cecum
LUQstomach, spleen
LLQsigmoid, rectum