Radiolgy -Cyclotron radioisotopes

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Carbon-11,Nitrogen-13,Oxygen-15,Fluorine-18positron emitters used in PET
F-18 in FDG in detection of cancers and the monitoring of progress in their treatment using PET.
Cobalt 57 (272 days )used as marker to estimate organ size and for in-vitro diagnostic kits.
Gallium 67(78 hrs)for tumour imaging and localization of inflammatory lesions (infections)
Indium 111 (2.8 days)used for specialist diagnostic studies,Eg. Brain studies,Infection and Colon transit studies
Iodine 123 (13 hrs)used for DIAGNOSIS OF THYROID FUNCTION. A gamma emitter WITHOUT beta radiation of I-131.
Krypton 81-m(13 seconds) and Rubidium -81 (4.6 hrs)Kr-81m gas can yield functional images of pulmonary ventilation , Eg. in asthamatic patients , and for the early diagnosis of lung diseases and function.
Rubidium -82 (65 hrs)Convenient PET agent in Myocardial perfusion imaging
Strontium 92 (25 days )used as the "parent" in a generator to produce Rb-82
Thallium 201 (73 hrs)used for diagnosis of coronary artery disease,other heart conditions such as heat muscle death for location of low grade LYMPHOMA.

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