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name Genetic disorder that causes bilateral facial expansion in young adultCherubism
Condition that leads to inhibition of osteoclastsOsteopetrosis (they do not form ruffled border)
condition we were given in cases lecture that causes "GROUND GLASS" appearance of bone radiographicallyFibrous Dysplasia
Carotid Calcification can be very difficult to discern from what other calcification?Thyroid cartilage calcification
calcification that superimposes over angle of the mandiblePalatine tonsil
Hallmark of this condition is resorption of the angles of mandible and resorption of condylesScleroderma (also fingers, coronoid process and deposition of calcific material adjacent to jaws)
Best x-ray technique other than CBCT to evaluate the maxillary sinusWaters View
T/F: In Osteoblastic Metastasis of the jaws, the maxilla is more common site than the mandibleFalse
T/F: In Osteoblastic Metastasis of the jaws, the mandible is more common site than the maxillaTrue
what diagnosis would you give someone from just looking at a radiograph with evident and complete stylohyoid ligament opacityStylohyoid ligament ossification (Eagle's Syndrome requires symptoms of pain and difficulty swallowing)
Multiple osteomas are associated with what Autosomal Dominant disease?Gardner's Syndrome
When is an MRI indicated for TMD?After failure of conservative treatment
Osteophytes, decreased joint space, and erosion of the condyle are signs of what condition of TMJ?DJD (Osteoarthritis) (NOT Rheumatoid)
Through what meatus does the max sinus drain?Middle meatus
Which is most likely to present bi-laterally? DJD, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Stills disease?Rheumatoid Arthritis (Stills is JRA and usually starts unilaterally and becomes bilateral)
In order to see that a condyle exhibits excess translation... we'd have to see it do what relative to the art eminence?move far enough anterior to eminence to interact with dital surface of condyle
Sign of "cotton-wool" appearance is associated with what condition?Paget's disease of bone
Radiographic "honey-comb appearance" and Sclerosing would be associated with what conditions?Central Hemangioma or Sickle Cell Anemia
Which type of Sinonasal Papilloma has the most risk of malignant transformation?Inverted Papilloma
Greatest mimicker of other conditions and lesionsOdontogenic Keratocyst
Appearance of a "halo" around maxillary tooth root apex would indicate what condition?Periapical Osteitis (Halo is bone intruding into max sinus)
Is a "brown tumor" odontogenic or non-odontogenic?definitely NOT odontogenic (associated symptom of long standing hyperparathyroidism)
Life threatening situation from excess blood loss would be associated most importantly with which radiographic lesion of the jaw?Central Hemangioma
A radiograph with a "wheelspoke" appearance and and clinically a throbbing pulse would indicateCentral Hemangioma
A case study diagnosed with Central Giant Cell Granuloma diagnosis... what condition should be ruled out in differential dx?Hyperparathyroidism
Epithelial Rests of Malaisez give rise to what type of cyst?Lateral Periodontal Cyst
Nasopalatine/Incisive Canal Cyst are associated with (vital/nonvital) teeth, (displacement/resorption) of roots, and is (expansile/non-expansile) in natureVITAL; DISPLACEMENT; EXPANSILE
Box shaped radiolucency that is found in follow-up to an apicoectomy is almost always ____ ____Apical Scar
A lucent area in posterior palatal area is what type of cyst?Palatal Sinus Recess
All of the following are unilocular except: (Lateral Periodontal Cyst, Simple Bone Cyst, Nasopalatine Cyst, Botryoid cyst)Botryoid cyst (is multilocular form of Lateral Periodontal)
Bi-fid ribs are associated with what genetic disorder that can create lesions of the jawBasal Cell Nevus syndrome (aka Gorlin-goltz)
A Jellyfish like lesion, mucoid, ground substance contentsOdontogenic Myxoma
A picture of a lesion that has a tooth-like appearance at the angle of the mandibleOdontogenic Keratocyst
In a Picture where you're trying to decide what's going on in the sinuses... how would you assess?air-water line, are there bony changes,
lesion with No divergence in roots, lamina dura intact, and Scallop appearanceSimple bone Cyst
Honey-comb appearance of a lesion with root resorptionAmeloblastoma
Aside from chronic sinusitis.. what else can cause calcification in the sinuses?Neoplasia
Florid COD is more common in what gender and ethnic group?women and AA
2 things that present similarly radiographically and clinically are Ameloblastoma and ______ ______Odontogenic Myexoma
Is DJD (aka Osteoarthritis) typically painful to patient?No (not usually symptomatic)

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