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Rphx therapy issystemic but selective
Uses ____ sourcesunsealed
Ideal rphx isselective to tumor site with minimal uptake by or rapid clearance from normal tissue
Effects depend upontotal radiation dose and tissue's sensitivity to radiation
Imaged therapiesI-131 and Samarium, beta/gamma

I-131 Sodium Iodide

Question Answer
Production methodreactor
Hyperthyroidism dose10-30 mCi capsule or liquid
Metastatic thyroid cancer dose100-150 mCi
Radiation dose to thyroid800-1000 rads/mCi
Therapeutic dose is given toablate part of the gland
I-131 israpidlly absorbed
How much is absorbed in 60 mins~90%
Maximum effect occurs at2-4 months
Side effects of txsore throat, mild dysphagia, thyroid storm (rare)
Collimator for uptake probeflat field
Collimator for uptake probeflat field
Collimator for uptake probeflat field
Whole body scan dose s/p surgery2-10 mCi
Thyroid cancer typically treated bytotal thyroidectomy
Dose for metastisis100-150 mCi (low as 30, high as 250)
Whole body imaging post-tx performed5-7 days after
Whole body imaging post-tx is abaseline to compare later on
Radiation safety considerationsbioassay, pt instructions, contamination control, written directive

I-131 Bexxar

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Used to treatNHL
NHL isfollicular lymph and large B-cell lymph (very aggressive)
Bexxar akaTositumomab
Potential forHAMA response
Rphx is keptrefrigerated
Procedure takes about7-14 days as an outpatient
____% of lymphoid neoplasms are of B-cell origin80-85%
The most common form of lymphoma isFollicular NHL
All lymphoid neoplasms are derived froma single transformed cell (monoclonal)


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Therapeutic treatment forNHL and HCC
Y-90 Zevalin forNHL
Y-90 ThereSpheres/SirSpheres forliver mets
Half life2.7 days
Produced byreactor
Zevalin indicated forpets with relapsed refactor low-grade follicular or transformed B-cell NHL
Zevalin potential forHAMA
Zevalin targets theCD20 antigen on surface of B-cells
Zevalin dose0.04 mCi/kg up to 32 mCi over 10 mins
Zevalin followsIn-111 zevalin imaging to confirm proper distribution
Total body rads Zevalin1.85 rads/mCi
Zevalin most sensitive forstem cells or blood
Injection throughfemoral artery
MAA planning first requireshepatic angiogram
MAA planning comparesliver particles to shunted lung particles
MAA planning dose4 mCi


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Production methodreactor
Half-life14.3 days
Sodium phosphate forpainful bone mets AND polycythemia vera
Polyvythemia vera is ablood disorder
Sodium phosphate PVC dose4 - 5 mCi
Sodium phosphate bone met dose7 mCi
Chromic phosphate is formalignant effusion, pertioneal pleual or pericardial
Chromic phosphate injectedintracavitarily