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α/β ratio often used to quantify thefractionation sensitivity of tissues.
Abortive cell divisionThe limited number of divisions of cells that are radiation damaged (so-called doomedcells). The residual proliferative capacity of these cellscontributes significantly to overall cell production during radiation-induced repopulation in normal tissues.
Accelerated fractionation a schedule in which the average rate of dose delivery exceeds the equivalent of 10Gy per week in 2-Gy fractions.
Acute hypoxiaLow oxygen concentrations associated with changes in blood flow through vessels (e.g. by transient closing of blood vessels). Also called transientor perfusion limited hypoxia.
Apoptosis characterized bychromatin condensation, fragmentation and compartmentalization
ARCON therapyThe use of Accelerated Radiotherapy with CarbOgen and Nicotinamide.
Asymmetrical divisionsDivisions of stem cells into, on average, one new stem cell and one transit or differentiatingcell. These divisions are called asymmetrical,as two ‘different’ cells are generated..
AutoradiographyUse of a photographic emulsion todetect the distribution of a radioactive label in a tissuespecimen.
Biologically effective dose (BED) the total dose that would be required in very small dose fractions to produce a particular effect, as indicated by the linear-quadratic equation.Otherwise known as extrapolated total dose (ETD).
For time–dose calculationsEQD2 is preferre