Radio test 1 terms

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Question Answer
aunt minnie method looking at a radiograph and comparing it to past examples or test pictures
periapical cemental dysplasiaspanning many teeth radiolucent- looks like malignant, ill borders
dentigerious cystcorticalite- swallowing a molar
neuroma- what does it look like and shapepunched out and fusiform shape
stafne defectsubmandibular gland growing into the bone well defined cortical borders
gardner's syndromepolyps everywhere
basal cell nevus syndromethink nevus is spelled wrong- extra teeth show up in the wrong places
cleidocranial dysplasiamultiple sets of teeth.
hereditary ectodermal dysplasiamissing the man anterior teeth.
what causes decrease in bone trabeculationosteoporosis, pagets syndrome, hyperparathyroidism
what causes increase in thickness of boneosteopetrosis
punched out very sudden border transition- no opaque borders
corticatedthin uniform opaque borders
sclerotic thick opaque borders- not uniform
soft tissue capsuleradiolucent rim
what borders will dentigerous cyst havecorticated borders
what borders will cementoblastoma havesoft tissue capsule
what borders will metastatic carcinoma and osteomyelitis have ill defined borders
what shape is ameloblastoma havecircular
what shape will nasopalatine duct cyst have heart shaped
what shape will neuroma havefusiform
simple bone cyst will have what bordersscalloped
what does garre's osteomyelitis haveonion shaped
what does osteosarcoma look likesunburst
fibrous dysplasia look likeground glass or fingerprints
what does sickle cell anemia look likehair on end
what does pagets disease look likecotton wool
what does cemento osseous dysplasia look like cotton wool
nasopalatine duct cyst is unilocular or multilocularuni
is ameloblastoma unilocular or multilocularmulti
what has mixed densityodontoma
is sclerosing osteitis internally radiopaque, radiolucent or mixedopaque
is an osteoma internally radiopaque, radiolucent or mixedopaque
what will a benign lesion do between roots and to the roots itselfdisplace roots and horizontal root resorption
what will a malignant lesion do to rootssharpen them
what does squamous cell carcinoma do creates floating tooth
what causes widening of the PDL asymmetricallya malignant lesion
a benign lesion will create an onion appearance. what does the malignant lesion causeperformation of the bone
what is a sialolithcalcification of the salivary gland
carotid atheromacalicification of the cartotid artery
what is an antrolith a calicifcation inside the sinus
what does eagles syndrome docalcification of the stylohyoid muscle

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