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kager's triangleAnt border of achilles(post border), post superior border of cal(floor), post border of FHL(ant border)
keger's triangle clinical significanceindicates trauma edema, with trauma, density changes from fat to water(blood) & triangle disappears
teardrop signseen in traumatic HEMARTHROSIS(bleeding into jt spaces) of the ankle jt, caused by osteomyelitis
massive thickening of the heel pad is associated with acromegaly
soft tissue emphysema appearancebubbles, medical emergency
sultan's sign meansneuroma
go back to scleroderma and calcified bursa, bone ass for osteoporosis
multiple compact bony islandsosteopoikilosis
if pt doesn't follow rule of third's pt hasosteoporosis
less than 40 is rule of 1/2's or 1/3's1/3's
cause of osteoporosisresorption of bone >production
how would u diagnosis osteoporosisDexa scan-emits low dose X-ray beams w/engery peaks
other names for osteomalacia p.119
rickets pics, scurvy, hyperparathyroidism, other bone disorders
brown tumors are caused byhyperparathyroidism
complication of fx repairpseudoarthrosis(terminal nonunion w/formation of dense scar tissue & false jt)
congenital pseudoarthrosis is associated withneurofibromatosis
bone growth stimulator is electro + or - at areas of bone growth and repairnegative