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What are some examples of disease of joints?hip dysplasia, aseptic necrosis of femoral head, patellar luxation, OC/OCD, elbow dysplasia
what are 3 types of elbow dysplasia?1. ununited anconeal process (ulna), 2, fragmented coronoid process (ulna), osteochondrosis (medial aspect of the humeral condyle
What does ununited anconeal process effect?ulna
what does fragmented coronoid process effectulna
what does osteochondrosis effectmedial aspect of the humeral condyle
What are some examples of disease of bones?panosteitis, HOD, angular limb deformity, incomplete ossification of humeral condyle, slipped capital physis, metabolic.nutritional

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How does Canine Hip dysplasia present?lameness or odd gait
what are 2 type of testing for Canine Hip dysplasiaOFA certification at 24 months, PENNhip at 6 months
What is OFA certification evaluating?laxity and OA, submission is voluntary
what is PENNhip evaluating?laxity, all are submitted- its based of the percentile of the breed
What is the accurate positioning for an OFA for Canine Hip dysplasiapelvis level (ilia and pubis appear symmetric), Pattella centered over femoral condyles, femurs parallel to each other
What does Bigger is better mean when posioning for an OFA evaluationthe bigger obdurator foramen is more falsely improved
What does Canine Hip dysplasia start as?laxity- incongruity between the femoral head and acetabulum
What are 2 radiograph findings of Canine Hip dysplasia1. decreased coverage (less then 50% coverage of femoral head by acetabulum), 2. osteoarthritis ( first sign enthesophyte at attachment of joint capsule to the femoral neck)
what is the first sign of osteoarthritis?enthesophyte at attachment of the joint capsule to the femoral neck
What is another name for curvilinear enthesophytemorgans line
How does Canine Hip dysplasia progess?thickened femoral neck, flattening of the femoral head, bony proliferation on acetabular rim, sclerosis of acetabular rim
What animals are prone Canine Hip dysplasiaGerman Shepherd

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What are 3 underlying causes of elbow dysplasia?1. medial coronoid disease, 2. ununited anconeal process, 3. osteochrondrosis of medial aspect of humeral condyle
is elbow dysplasia bilateral?yes!
What are OFA requirements for elbow dysplasia checkflexed lateral radiograph of elbow, asses for presence of OA
What is the frist site of OA for elbow dyspasia?anconeal process!! regardless of the underlying cause
What are 3 types of elbow dysplasia?1. ununited anconeal process, 2. fragmented medial coronoid process, 3. lateral coronoid process
What is the most common cause of elbow dysplasia?Medial coronoid disease: ulna is medial at the elbow, lateral at the carpus
what is seen with medial coronoid diseasefragmented, fissues or malacia changes to the coronoid process
What are the radiographic findings of elbow dysplasia: FCPoften subtile, blunted medial coronoid process on lateral, rounded or irregular shape on craniocaudal
What animal are prone to elbow dysplasia?young labs
what animal are prone to FCP elbow dysplasia?newfy
What is the cause of IAP elbow dysplasia?controbersial
when should the center of ossificaiton at the anconeal process fuse?150 days of age
What does UAP of elboy dysplasia result in?frature on the anconeus
What are the radiographic findings of UAP elbow dysplasia?lucent line separating anconeal process and olecranon of ulna when dog is greater the 150 days
what is the best view to evaluate UAP elbow dysplasia?flexed lateral projection
how many condyles are there on the humerus?ONE!
where is the trochlea and capitulum located?trochlea = medial, capitulum = lateral
what type to elbow dysplasia is subondral cyst of the trochlea?humeral OCD
What are 3 characteristics of Og rimCD elbow dysplasia?lucency, sclerosis of surrounding, mineralized flap is possible
What projection do we see with OCD elbow dysplasia?craniocaudal projection

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What is the signalment assocaited iwth aspetic necrosis of the femoral head?adolescent toy breed dogs
how does aseptic necrosis of the femoral head occur/compromised blood supply
what are the 2 blood supplies to the femoral head?femoral capital physis artery and there is vascular supply traverses the femoral neck
How does aseptic necrosis of the femoral head progresses?ischemia ---> necrosis --> collapse
What are some abnormal radiographic findings of aseptic necrosis of the femoral headflattened irregular femoral head, thinned irregular femoral neck, normal physis (age related)
What is the most common type of patellar luxation?medial
What is the best positioning to evaluate patellar luxation?craniocardual
Where should the patella be located normall?medial cortex of femur, medial soft tissue