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lat oblique degrees40
med oblique degrees25
if NWB u should thinktrauma
K wire sticking out should be noted in which of the 5 stepsST
silver vs mcbridesilver=medial eminence removed, mcbride-medial eminence & sesamoid removed
post procedureproximal head procedure-notice flat surface
how would u describe a fractureincomplete extraarticular simple radiolucent line(ACID-avulsion, complete/communited, intraarticular, displaced) location(inf pro to superior distal)
if there are multiple procedure what do u talk about firstcorrection of HAV
DJDsclerosis & making new bone
most common coalition beside fusion of distal & proximal digit of 5thTC
sign for STJ coalitionhalo
sign for CN coalitionant eater, dorsal lipping
most common coalitionDIPJ and PIPJ of 5th digit
where is the middle facet locatedprotruding of sustentaculium tali
signs of AVNpresent sign and snowcap sign
steps of AVNavascular, revascular, remodeling, adaptive
AVN of metatarsal calledfreiburg
how would u fix an AVNwith a semi implant
head of proximal phalanx surgeryPOST
base of proximal phalanx surgery keller
signs of TN coalitiontalar beaking, ant displaced coma line, putter sign
3 types of histological coalitionsfibrous, cartilaginous, osseous
why does talar breaking occuradaptive changes due to lack of motion at TN jt
routes of contamination for osteomyelitisdirect extension, hematogenous, inoculation
dif btw brown tumor and encondromabrown-distal part of phalanx, encondroma-proximal phalanx
signs of pes planusrocker bottom foot, vertical talus, posterior subtalar jt facet will be brought into view or pseudo sinus tarsi
ostopenia5 normal 4-splitting of post compress 3-post trabeculae 2-ant tensil 1 ant compr
spotty osteopenia indicatesCRPS type 2
ossification vs calcificationossification-new bone, organized, calcification-salt and pepper, disorganized
nail border infection calledparonychia
metatarsus primus elevates would appear1st met 50% higher than 2nd met
when would you remove the foreign bodypain, impingement, signs of infection
best chance of removing foreign bodyimmediately after, where there is a portal, otherwise lateral body will encapsulate it and attempt to absorb it
should u try to remove the FB in picno
if pt doesn't remember stepping on FB what should u suspectdiabetic neuropathy