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Question Answer
steida's processfused lateral tubercle(os trigonum)
shepherd's fracturefracture of lateral tubercle (os trigonum)
os piriealso called os supranaviculgre or os uni-dorsal aspect of T-N jt
tibiale externumalso called accessory navicular 3 types. 1-tibiale external 2. pre hallux 3. cornuate or gorilloid which is fused secondary ossification
what direction do coalitions godistal to prox
what projection would u use for STJ anterior facet?ishwood(oblique lateral pro)
radiographic features os subtalar jt coalitiontalar beaking, middle STJ not visible, Halo effect, narrowing of post tailcoa jt space
talar beakingimpingement of navicular on head of talus in DF
halo signaltered calcaneal trabecular pattern secondary to compressive forces from talus
associated conditions with coalitionsNievergelt, alberts, phocomelia(flippers), synphalangism, hemimelia(underdevelopment)
modality of choice for coalitionscomputed tomography